Money Clips

Money Clips

The ideal organizer that keeps all your monetary essentials handy!

Reviews for Popular Money Clips
Eric Money Clip + Coin Wallet - Caffe
Eric Money Clip + Coin Wallet - Caffe
Rs. 1495
This wallet has different features. Money clip is very perfect and all in all very happy and useful.
Verified Urby Customer
Jan 16 , 2018
Kevin Smart Money Clip & ID Wallet - Port Blue
Kevin Smart Money Clip & ID Wallet - Port Blue
Rs. 1445
Something different
Glad I went for this one. The quality is first class top notch. It is seomthing different from what I have always used. Good different.
Rohan Mistri
Verified Urby Customer
Jan 12 , 2018
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Rich Black
Charlie Magnet Money Clip Card Wallet - Rich Black
Rs. 995
Value for money totally!!!
This is the most thoughtful wallet ever. The more I use it the more I realise that its every feature is so thoughtfully made. It is probably the best wallet I have ever used.
Ronak P
Verified Urby Customer
Oct 12 , 2017
Walter Moneyclip Wallet - Jet Black
Walter Moneyclip Wallet - Jet Black
Rs. 1,395
A must have for every one wearing a suit
Carrying a bulky billfold when wearing a suit is such a big faux pas. People dont even realise that the jacket is not supposed to be lifted because of a bulge. Thanks to the Raymonds sales guy, who gave me this tip of getting a money clip. After all if you are spending 20000 on a suit, why would you kill the look by carrying a billfold ?
Jay M
Verified Urby Customer
Aug 11 , 2017

Money Clip Wallets Online

If you are looking for a money clip wallet and are looking to buy money clips online, this is the place. Urby offers you 3 varieties of money clip wallets that can hold lose cash as well as your credit and debit cards for you.

Why money clip wallets are such a rage with the fashionistas ?

Looking at the fashion trend, it is safe to say that people are spending lot of efforts and time to be in a good shape. The number of gym goers has increased and is at the all time high. One thing that the stylish men look towards after getting that perfect physique is the wallet that they are carrying. It is correct to say that a bulky constanza wallet has no place in a stylish men's daily lives. Thus the mens wallet with money clip are the perfect option and match very well with the new stylish you.

How to choose a money clip for men ?

Given the number of options in the money clip wallets, one need to first think hard as to what are they planning to use the money clip for. If the usage will be just to keep a bunch of notes then there is no point going in for a money clip with card option. A magnetic money clip designed to keep just the notes will be apt. However if you are looking to replace your current wallet and keep a handful of cards and just a little amount of cash notes then the leather money clip with card case is the perfect option. Not only it would be an ideal slim wallet, but also have room for you to keep all that you had been keeping in the traditional wallet.

How to make your money clip wallet truly unique ?

After choosing a perfect money clip, the next best thing that you should do is to have your mark on it. It could be your initials, your name, your social media handle or whatever you want to put in a thing for your uniqueness. Once you are decided on it, a personalised money clip will surely raise your style quotient. Money clip wallet in itself is a cool thing that says a lot about your style, but a personalised money clip takes a bit notch higher. Isn't it great.

How should you use a money clip wallet ?

Based on the experience of our fashion gurus at the studio, we can recommend going with a slim card case along with a magnetic money clip wallet. This way, you can keep the cash in money clip in one pocket and frequently used cards in the other pocket. This way both your pockets wont show any bulge but you actually will be carrying all that you had been doing all along. Thus a men's wallet with money clip is an amazing style option for the everyday carry for the modern gentlemen.

Money Clip Buying Guide

A guide to help you choose the right money clip.

Personalised Money Clip - Make your money clip truly yours and unique by personalising it with your name or initials on it.

Money Clip Color Options - Get the money clip in the colour of your choice. You can choose from a variety of colors like Black Money Clip, Brown Money Clip, Red Money Clip and Gold Money Clip.

Types of Money Clips - Money clip comes in several types. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle : Magnetic Money Clip Wallet, Bifold Wallet Money Clip, Money Clip Card Holder, Front Pocket Wallet Money Clip

Stylish and neutral design - The leather money clips offered by India's premium online store Urby can be used as both Men's money clip as well as Women's money clip. It complements any style really well.

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