Money Clips

Money Clips

The ideal organizer that keeps all your monetary essentials handy!

Money Clip Wallets Online

If you are looking for a money clip wallet and are looking to buy money clips online, this is the place. Urby offers you 3 varieties of money clip wallets that can hold lose cash as well as your credit and debit cards for you.

Our online range of money clips come in 2 colours namely black and brown. They are made up of premium quality croco or pure leather, and depending on the model, they have front or side pockets, a magnetic clip and various slots. Thus, our money clip wallet functions as a money holder, a Credit Card Holder and an ATM card holder -all in one! You may wonder that there isn’t much difference between a wallet and a money clip, then. But the prime reason of having a money clip wallet on you is that it holds only and all your essential requirements-which means, you no longer need to carry your wallet in your jeans’ back pocket-it could well be kept in your bag! The best part is it is so sleek, that it can easily fit in any of your pockets-making it extremely accessible for you and averting those nasty pick-pocketers!

So, look no further and buy superior quality money clips online here in India with Urby. Our offering will provide you with the ease of accessing your money and cards when you want to travel light-whether domestic or not-and become an object of envy among our social group!

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