Posh Leather Ring Display Case - Brown

Rs. 1,699
  • Posh Leather Ring Display Case - Brown
  • Posh Leather Ring Display Case - Brown

Posh Leather Ring Display Case - Brown


A luxurious house for your valuble rings designed for their neat display as well as storing them safely.

  • Premium tanned leather
  • Multifiber suede interior
  • Thick unbreakable acrylic lid
  • 4 rows,stores 28 rings
  • Color: Brown
  • Encased in a drawstring pouch

Please note:
1) Due to the color settings of your monitor ( or the handheld device screen) the colors shown in the photographs may slightly vary from the product in your hand.
2) Personalization may add upto 48 hours to the delivery timeline.

Dimensions: 21.5 cm (L) x 11.5 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H)
Rs. 1,699



premium leather

All our leather products are individually hand crafted using finest leather available; thus ensuring super quality and durability.

It also boasts of a polished finish, fine grain and a soft hand feel, making it a great choice for any leather connoisseur.

Since leather is a natural material, it is never uniform. No two pieces of natural leather can have identical grains and the design - in fact, if they have, it is most likely that they are not leather.


  • If leather gets too wet: Dry it slowly. Do not speed dry as it can damage the material.
  • If leather gets dirty: Just use a damp cloth. Avoid cleaning fluid.
  • Leather stretches out, but not back: e.g If you start to overfill a wallet, it will never really return to its former shape. Just carry the right amount, and this takes care of itself.
  • Store it in a breathable bag or covering (plastic will cause excessive drying).
  • For serious stains, visit a professional leather cleaner.


  • FREE shipping in India.
  • Ships in 1-5 business days.



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