Wallets & Card Cases

Wallets & Card Cases

A selection of wallet options in stylish shapes and sizes.

Billfold Wallets
A timeless shape that one can never go wrong with. The billfold features pocket for notes and credit card slots.
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Feel good about the style
Filter your wallet options by a particular style under the "Style" category up top to find the perfect wallet for you. Learn more about our wallets here.

Money Clips
The ideal organizer that keeps all your monetary essentials handy!
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Card Cases
Keep your cards close at hand. These card cases are marked by hand turned edges and pared-down simplicity.
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Slim Wallets
The slim wallet is your pocket redesigned to merge wallet functions with minimalistic style and some innovative features.
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Large Wallets
A refined version of vertical wallet with a classic fold over feature, multiple internal compartments and zipped pocket.
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