Black Passport Holder

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It is said that black is the safest yet classiest, simple yet most powerful and one of the most sophisticated color. Needless to say, black is a favorite no-brainer color for people with a simple classy taste. So when it comes to traveling, the wide range of black passport holders offered by Urby has become the first choice for people who are looking for luxurious quality at a revolutionary price.


When it comes to travel accessory the functionality of the product really matters. Urby offers a range of black passport holders with various functionality to make travel a breeze. These passport holders don't only keep your most important travel document - Passport holder, safe but also help you organize your travel with space for your cards as well and your other small documents including your boarding pass. The awesomeness doesn't just end there. Urby also offers minimalistic black passport holder that comes in sleeve format and gives complete and dedicated space just to store your passport and nothing else. Thus you can change any from the range of black passport holders that suit your needs.


There is no argument to the fact that black is the classiest color there is when it comes to the color of your travel accessory. So why go for anything else when there is such amazing range of holders available right here on India's leading e-commerce website for rich premium leather passport holders. Black is not just the classiest color but it also exuberates elegance and sophistication. so be it a minimalist or a person who like to be prepared and carry it all in an organized way, black passport holders are the most go-to travel accessory. Be it a frequent traveler, a business traveler, a solo traveler or a first-time traveler, black passport holders fit in. These black passport holders are even available in couple combos as well as with personalization thus making it a perfect gift for people who are going to travel for education or vacation and more.

Passport Holder Buying Guide

For Frequent travellers - We recommend a travel wallet for those travelling frequently.

Personalised Passport Cover - To make your passport cover truly unique, you can personalise it with your initials, name or message in your choice of foil colour.

Colors - Get the passport holder in the color of your choice such. Urby offers passport cases in Black Passport Holder, Brown Passport Holder, White Passport Holder, Blue Passport Holder, Red Passport Holder, Green Passport Holder, Pink Passport Holder, Purple Passport Holder, Gold Passport Holder, Maroon Passport Holder, Tan Passport Holder , Grey Passport Holder and many more.

Types of Passport holder - Passport holders come in several styles: Passport Wallet , Passport And Ticket Holder, Passport Sleeve 

Passport Holders for everyone - Get a passport holder that completely reflects your personality. Urby offers tons of colours and styles in both Men's passport holder as well as Women's passport holder.

Baby Passport Holders - Cute passport holders for your little ones. Urby offers Baby passport holder in very cute baby blue and baby pink colours.

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