10 careers that travel around the world (and pay well)

Eugene Fodor rightly puts it, “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.”  Many of us travel lovers dream about taking a sabbatical and diving into the wonderful mysteries the world holds, but there are some who have turned their love for travel into their career and get paid to travel.  Check out these 10 enviable unconventional careers that travel around the world!


This is one career which makes your profile equivalent to holding one of the most powerful passports in the world. Along with a maximum hassle-free access to the world (including some forbidden territories) you get a lifetime benefit of VIP travelling with your family.



Imagine Sherlock Holmes working for our beloved discovery channel. If you love exploring the ancient ruins and investigating on the histories of cultures then this job is made for you. An archaeologist investigates that what history has left behind and preserves the valuable material of culture.



As a geologist, you get to meet not only the people but also the other living organisms around the world. This is job involves exploring the planet’s scientific history to predict what lies in the future. Geeky as it might be, it couldn’t get any cooler.



Similar to the job of geologist this one explores life underwater. As an oceanographer the water bodies are yours to explore and the best part – all nations in the world are connected to at least one water body. We sense some underwater freedom here!

Cruise line worker


While the stories of cruise workers working for long hours for too little a pay might have crossed your path, the pay depends on the kind of work you are designated to do (fairly so).  Imagine the long hours with all the facilities in the middle of nowhere and then waking up regularly at a new destination. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Navy Sailor


While many hate the idea of staying away from home for long, this job is ideal for a true travel lover.  This is a job that provides some awesome health insurance benefits, with a guaranteed trip around the world. However, you should be ready for some spontaneous adventure the open sea provides.



Here is a glamorous profession where you can fly to anywhere. The most commonly known but seldom considered profession that deals with the freedom to travel. Job ‘perks’ will be an understatement to the benefits you get as a pilot.

Flight Attendant


If not pilot then why not flight attendant? All you have to do is ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers during an air flight. While it may not be as easy as it sounds, it’s too little a price to pay for an opportunity to travel around the world.  Not to forget the amazing perks the job offers!

Travel Photographer


This is one of the many creative jobs that involve travelling. This profession is for the kind of travelers who take capturing their beautiful experiences seriously. A travel photographer’s life is full of spontaneous adventures with minimum stability. The catch here is that there is no definite way to becoming a travel journalist.

Travel Writer


Be it blogging or journalism, if you enjoy writing and travelling then you might as well use it to fund your trips too. The best part of this job it is never too late to become a travel writer. Your career begins when you begin your journey and words flow in along with your experiences. However, it depends on how well you master the art and figure out how to travel the world and get paid to travel for your content.

We all wait for the right time to start travelling. But we forget that it need not be a limited sabbatical which you plan to take when you eventually have enough time and funds. Share with us about what you think of these careers that travel around the world or tell us about some interesting options that you think our readers should consider for traveling around the world. The comment box is all yours.

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