10 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give Your Wife

    A gift can convey your intentions as well as your perception of the receiver. It is always a good idea to be thoughtful especially when it comes to gifting your wife. There are many gift guides on the internet waiting to inspire you. We are here to change that and save you from the brunt of handling an unhappy wife. Here are 10 gifts you shouldn’t give your wife.


Worst Gift for Wife


Self help books or videos: Don’t you think she’s perfect the way she is? We bet you do; then why gift her a self improvement book? She might have expressed her desire to buy a Power Yoga Guide in the past but that does not mean you get it for her. She believes you accept her the way she is and a gift like that can make her think otherwise. Little things can hurt a woman even if you don’t mean it. So gift her something that will boost her confidence rather than hinder it.


Self Help Book - Worst Gifts for Wife


Second hand things: Your mother’s bangles or your great grandmother’s necklace can convey your trust and commitment to her but nothing can beat a gift bought especially for her. Get her a new necklace or something that will solely belong to her. Give her something meaningful that will also express your feelings towards her. She will love it because you made an effort.


Second Hand Gifts - Worst Gifts for Wife


Video Games: Avoid this gift option unless your wife is a hard core gamer. This might seem silly but there are men who still gift their wives play stations and gaming accessories. She may have played a game or two before you two got married. She is no longer your girlfriend and things have changed, accept that. She has errands to run and may not entertain the idea unless she chooses to.


Video Games - Worst Gifts for Wife


A Pet: A pet is a liability, believe it or not. You need to be committed to handle that kind of a responsibility. She must have told you how much she loves puppies and little kittens. She even enjoys walking the neighbor’s dog but none of these instances prove she is ready to have her own pet. Marley and Me was a touching movie; limit it to that. Unless she has been nagging you to get her one, avoid gifting her a pet.


Pets - Worst Gifts for Wife


Plastic Surgery: Does your wife look in the mirror and say, “I wish I were thinner” or “If only I had a body like Kim Kardashian”? The quest for perfection is observed in almost every species and humans specifically women top that list. Gifting her a tummy tuck, a nose job or an augmentation might seem like a fine idea to you. Let me break it to you, it’s not! Instead, remind her of how beautiful she is and her flaws only make her unique. Such compliments can go a long way to raise her self esteem.


Plastic Surgery - Worst Gifts for Wife


Something you like but she doesn’t: You read novels, she prefers movies. If that’s your story, give her a DVD of ‘A Walk to Remember’ instead of gifting her the book. Consider her likes and dislikes before selecting a gift. Something you like may or may not impress her. If you gift her a Golf set and end up using it more that her, it will portray you as being selfish. She may feel the gift was always meant for you and not for her. Present her with something she desires and not what you desire.


Worst Gifts for Wife


Clothes: Now this one’s tricky. Women love clothes and spend a considerable amount of their time and money on shopping. A pretty dress will blow her mind but there’s a catch to this. If the dress is too tight, she will assume she is fat and if it’s too loose, she will be embarrassed. Sizes fluctuate and if you still want to take the risk of gifting her clothes, sneak into her closet and check for her most recent size. This gift can be a huge hit or an enormous fail.


Clothes - Worst Gifts for Wife


Soft Toys: As cute as they are, soft toys are strictly for kids and teens. If your wife is a fan of stuffed teddy bears and pandas, chances are she already has a room full of them. Appreciate the woman she is now and leave behind the child she once was. Gift her something in accordance with her personality.


Soft Toys - Worst Gifts for Wife


Tickets to your favorite events: Watching a cricket match live in the stadium might be a big deal for you; for her it isn’t. She probably likes going out for movies and concerts but of her choice. Don’t take her to a Metallica Concert if she likes Katy Perry or a Wrestling Match if she likes Opera. Your aim is to make her happy so do things her way.


Worst Gifts for Wife


Nothing: If your wife tells you she wants nothing and it’s fine if you don’t get her a gift; don’t believe her. Chances are she expects you to surprise her. Giving her nothing is the worst thing you could do. Even if your gift is not on par with her expectations, she will appreciate the gesture. Make sure you get her something even if it’s a small box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses.


No gift - Worst Gifts for Wife


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