10 Magical Visa Free Countries For Indian Passport Holders

Visa Free Countries For India

While it might seem like the Indian Passport has lagged behind in the race of most powerful passports in the world, it is hardly as bad a news for the travel lovers in India. The latest 2015 list of Visa free countries for India is out and not only has India been upgraded to the 59th position but it also includes some of the most magical destinations perfect for Indian citizens to travel this summer. Here is a list of 10 blissful (Visa-Free) destinations that you wouldn’t want to miss.

#10 Seychelles

Vacation Type: Time with nature

Visa Type: Not Required.

You will find yourself lazing around, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful patterns of nature that this place has to offer. This place is popular for its Ecotourism, particularly for the approachable endemic species.

#9 Indonesia


Vacation type: Wild Paradise

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

Indonesia has beaches but with a twist of volcanoes. A kaleidoscope of over 17000 islands holding a population that varies in over 200 different languages, Indonesia is packed with outlandish adventures.

#8 Bhutan 


Vacation Type: Rest and relaxation

Visa Type: Not Required

You wouldn’t want to miss a trip to this magical Himalayan Kingdom. A Buddhist land, this place is popular for its high Gross National Happiness Index. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, this is as peaceful as it gets!

#7 Fiji


Vacation Type: Underwater Quest

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

Pack your sunscreen and swimsuit and you are ready for Fiji. Experiencing Fiji is nothing short of experiencing life underwater, and even if you are above it, you will be surrounded by beautiful mountains with its welcoming hot springs.

#6 Mauritius


Vacation Type: Family Fun

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

The name says it all. Hardly anyone has not heard about this slice of paradise. Named as a developed island, Mauritius is what an ideal happy party on an exotic island would look like!

#5 Hong Kong

Hong Kong_GoGappa

Vacation Type: Family Fun

Visa Type: Not Required

Hong Kong is a unique combination of skyscrapers and ancient traditions. If you love shopping and food this place can entertain you well. arguably, the best place to hang out.

#4 Thailand


Vacation Type: Family Fun

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

Known for being exotic and tropical, Thailand is a more vibrant version of Buddhist nations. Be it the food, the culture or the nature it is rich with love and colors.

#3 Sri Lanka

Sri lanka_GoGappa

Vacation Type: Experience for Everyone

Visa Type: Electronic Travel Authorization

Visit Sri Lanka for its beaches and people! This tiny island has way more to offer than you would seem. From a Safari ride to a 2000 years old temple there is too much in this too little island. With its charming crowd, short distances and a long list of attractions- this place defines delight.

#2 Jordan 


Vacation type: Lost in time

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

One of the “lost cities”, Jordan is probably the only destination which gives Machu Picchu a good competition.  Here you get to experience the unique combinations of ruined Roman cities, crusader castles and red desserts with blue coral Gulf. If you are looking for some Arabic adventures, this is your perfect destination.

#1 Maldives


Vacation Type: Island Paradise

Visa Type: Visa On Arrival

The Top on our list! Step out of this world and enter the paradise on the earth. A promising holiday of your lifetime, this place defines natural luxury. Delicate and at the mercy of the sea, there is no place on this earth that comes anywhere close to the beauty that Maldives has to offer to your sight and senses.

So here was our list of Visa Free countries for India! Think we missed your favorite? You can share your favorite experiences and Visa Free countries for India with our readers in the comment box right below. For doubts related to the Visa types- we have a post for you on the difference between “Visa not required” and “Visa on arrival”.

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