5 Proven Ways for a Stress Free Travel – For Indian Passport Holders

Travelling could be one of those rare beautiful dreams which occur when your mind is at peace and it could also be a night of nightmare from the stressful days. Many miss out on training their mind to be stress-free,in spite of it being undoubtedly the first thing one should do before beginning their journey. We have here, based on experience and behavioral science, the most effective and proven tips for a stress-free journey for Indian passport holders.

1) Dedication
Morning Tea_Travel_Good Feeelings_GoGappa
Let the good feelings begin with you


The first and the most important step here is to be dedicated to your travel. Keep everything aside, forget your routine life, and trash your inhibitions. When you are travelling, you belong to the beautiful world of a traveler. “Let the good feelings begin with you” – It won’t be exciting if you aren’t excited and it won’t be relaxing if you aren’t relaxed when you begin.

2) Allocation
Travel your heart_Hot Air Balloon_GoGappa
Travel your heart


Travelling, for some, might be just one of those many times. But for many, it is one big experience wherein you spend a good part of your savings to travel your heart. Emphasis – “Travel your heart”. You don’t get such opportunities of treating your heart very often. One most common mistake Indian passport holders do is trying to save money when travelling. If you have allocated 100 bucks then be okay with spending 100 complete bucks. Don’t stress yourself out trying to save up. Be smart in your budget allocation but make sure it isn’t too tight and stressful. Most importantly, don’t end up further trying to save up within your budget.

3) Compression
You need not carry less
You need not carry less

Leaving behind the luggage contents simply to travel light may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Given the wide gap in our habits, owing to the difference in culture, it is particularly challenging for us. However, experience teaches it all and even though travelers learn this lesson late, it is a tip worth many carats of gold. Here is the secret – “You need not carry less”- You simply need to make sure that all your contents are compressed. Some brilliant space-savers can completely transform your travelling experience. Carry a proper toiletry pouch instead of just dumping your toiletries in a plastic bag or box. Don’t stuff your documents in a random compartment of your bag – carry a proper documents holder or a good passport holder and make sure they have multiple compartments to store all your documents. Do this for medicines, cosmetics and basically anything that are most likely to create a mess in your bag.

4) Duration
Plan ideally, execute logically
Plan ideally, execute logically

This is more related to the planning part. Many of you might think that planning all your destination visits within a short span of time would be stressful. Interestingly, the case is no different when there is a long gap between two destinations. Trick – “Plan ideally, execute logically”. Be free when you are planning. And be freer when you are travelling. Let the only thing constant be the duration of your trip. Other things should vary according to your mood and the situation. Don’t stress that you didn’t visit a place on the planned day and especially don’t stress about being stuck at a place for longer than you want to simply because you planned your next activity hours later. It is okay to change plans according to the time you have or don’t have in your hands.

5) Consolation
Be comfortable when travelling
Your comfort should be your priority


It is good but not great to console yourself when things aren’t as you expected. “Your comfort should be your priority” If you don’t like the service it is completely okay to just mention it to the manager and suggest what would be preferred. If your seat isn’t comfortable, see if you could get it changed. If you don’t like the food, see if they could add your preferred spices or provide an alternative. If nothing works then consolation is a good resort. But don’t become the master of consoling yourself; it will only make you stressful to be uncomfortable.

Remember these points but don’t be too hard on yourself if you are not able to follow it. Travelling is all about experiences, and with experiences you get better. So go ahead and enjoy your beautiful journey and make sure you share with us your experience in the comment box below.

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