5 Types of Wallet Closures You Need to Know About in 2018

Wallets have been a regular for a while now. Regardless of who you are, what you do, or where you’re from, we’ve found ourselves reaching for our wallets more than we have for our phone in a day. According to Wikipedia, the definition of a wallet goes like this: a wallet is a pocket-sized flat folding case for holding money and plastic cards. But wallets definitely hold a lot more than just that. As a result of which, we have wallets for men and wallets for women. A variety of wallets that fulfil our wallet needs, making it a lot more difficult for us to pick from. 

Womens wallets tend to have a variety of wallet closures, most of which are zippers or clasps. Want to check out the types of womens wallets? Head on over to find out.

Along with a variety of wallets comes a variety of wallet closures. A wallet closure is a feature responsible for how the wallet closes. Let’s take a look at the different types of wallet closures:

1. Magnetic Closures

Magnets strategically placed around where the wallet closes is a magnetic closure. Magnetic closures can either be detachable or irreversible. Wallets with magnetic closures are growing popular now. Yet some people are still unsure about whether magnetic closures are helpful or harmful.

2. Zipper Closures

A zipper binding two ends of a wallet is a zipper closure. There can be two kinds; a zipped on the top [for a pouch] and a zipper going all the way around [a zip around wallet]. Zipper closures are considered to be safe due to it being completely secure, with zero place for any thing to go by.

3. Clasp Closures

A metal lock or closure used to secure the two ends of a wallet is called a clasp closure. Clasp closures are most commonly found on clutches and pouches.

4. Velcro Closures

Velcro, also known as a zipperless zipper, is a material that when pushed together temporarily stays shut until pulled apart. Placed on two opposite ends, this velcro is responsible in keeping the wallet closed and secure. This is called a velcro closure.

5. Button Closures

A means for fastening or closing your wallet using buttons is called a button closure. Most commonly found on womens wallets, these closures are situated on opposing ends, or a flap, further elevating the look of the wallet.