6 Chocolate Creations that will Amaze you

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to explore this delectable topic further. Chocolate has been drunk since 1900 BC, and has evolved into many forms and figures, and mixed with a number of other foods to make new and innovative concoctions that might just be the next world favourite. Let’s not forget the rather unpleasant combinations however, which include onions, pickles, seaweed, squid, and insects. Not so tempting now, eh?
Chocolate has been moulded into different forms and this molding has become an art, just like butter or sand sculptures. We’re fascinated with all the things that can be done with this godly treat that has the whole world kneeling, and we’d like to bring to you some of the quirkiest chocolate creations around.


1) Chocolate Dress


chocolate creations dress


This dress, made by the German bakery Lambertz and modeled by German model Alena Gerber, is made entirely of chocolate. This was a part of the chocolate dress presentation during the company’s annual event in Munich, Germany in 2011. Not only are we extremely envious of Alena, we’d also like to demand an explanation as to why she didn’t eat it immediately. Outrageous.


2) Chocolate mailbox


chocolate mailbox


Godiva, the heavenly Belgian chocolate makers, made this mailbox completely out of chocolate as a 2011 Valentine’s Day stint in New York City. People were actually able to put in love letters, which Godiva posted on their behalf. Now, only if we could do something like that here, without people spray painting “Raju loves Neelam” signs over it.


3) Chocolate Ferrari


chocolate creations - ferrari


This one’s a winner. Not only is it made entirely of Belgian chocolate, it’s also modeled after a Ferrari, AND painted on top of to make it look cooler. Which it totally does.
Weighing in at 1999 pounds, this was made by the Pasticceri Italiani club in Sorento, Italy. This is one car we wouldn’t mind crashing.


4) Chocolate Shoes


chocolate creations shoes

chocolate nikes
Take your pick – sporty or chic? The heels were made by Phil Neal of the West London chocolate shop Theobroma Cacao, and are handcrafted from Venezuelan chocolate. The Nikes on the other hand, were made by +41 for Nik
e Air Force 1’s 25th anniversary with milk and white chocolate.


5) Chocolate Sofa


chocolate sofa




Food artist Prudence Staite was commissioned by Mars to make this sofa for its Galaxy brand in 2009. They also had actress Emilia Fox to pose on this sofa with a book for their reading initiative, “Irresistible Reads” at Victoria Embankment Gardens, London. Prudence is a rather ironic name for someone who works with chocolate, isn’t it?


6) Chocolate Room


chocolate room



In a shopping mall in Vilnius, Lithuania on Valentine’s Day 2011, the mall-goers were presenting this marvelous creation – a room constructed entirely out of chocolate. It used up 611 pounds and was made by seven people in a space of 17 square meters. It’s like living in chocolate! LIVING IN CHOCOLATE.

Well, maybe you can’t eat these creations, but you definitely can settle in with a box of chocolate treats and try arranging them on top of each other to make a tower or something to feel better about your artistic abilities. Or you could just eat them up all at once and sit back with gooey hands, reveling in your sugar overload session. Happy eating from GoGappa!


gogappa chocolates




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