7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Corporate Diwali Gift

Diwali is the biggest festival for corporate givings and it is an occasion for a must do gifting.

Reading about corporate gifts can often feel like cracking open a textbook. Browsing the available selection could literally mean going through hundreds of product categories. So, here for your help, we will break down the best way to choose a perfect corporate gift this Diwali.

Give importance to the budget for the gift

There is no denying that the reason for corporate gift giving overall is to show appreciation for your business relationship, be it with a client or your employee. Also at the same time, as the gift is a part of business givings, you should also look at its potential return on investment. If you choose a very expensive gift, but is not reciprocated on the balance sheet, it is going to hurt the bottom line of the company. Alternatively, if you choose a really inexpensive ( i.e. cheap ) gift, it may not be appreciated by the recipient.

Thus when choosing a corporate Diwali gift one should always keep in mind the budget, as too much or too little, either ways may not be good for the client or a real reflection of your relationship.

Do not hurt the religious sentiment of the recipient

The business gift giving is very different from personal gifts. Todays business relationships are not divided by religion and are very much diverse. Thus giving a gift, with religious meaning or insignia may not be apt for business gift giving. During Diwali, though it is very common to give idols as corporate Diwali gift, one should be very watchful of the recipients religious beliefs. It is thus fat better to give something that can’t be termed as religious in nature or in any way, hurt anybody’s religious sentiments.

Avoid gifts that are meant to be regifted

According to our survey’s findings, the most regifted corporate gift item in Diwali is a box of dry fruits and sweets. Even though the dry fruits are good for health, they are not good for your business relationship health. Given the number of dry fruit and sweet boxes that one receives, they end up regifting those no one can’t finish that many and the food is perishable.

Also, even though the dry fruit box could be the easiest gift option to choose, it can unarguably be categorised as the worst corporate Diwali gift. It is hundred percent registrable, doesn’t last long and is very much forgettable. If you come to think of it, how can you differentiate between the cashews you gave from the ones that someone else gave ?

Avoid gift cards at any cost

Kudos to the clever marketing gimmicks, Gift card has somehow appeared on the corporate Diwali gift list. It is very convenient for you to choose a gift card and call your corporate Diwali gift exercise as done and dusted. But, if you think about it, it is a gift that is 0% you. No one would ever remember that the product was purchased via a gift card that was given by you. And also, you would never know what you gave ?

And the most important point is that the Diwali gift is a precious opportunity to show that you value your business relationship. Giving a generic gift card is merely equivalent of giving cash, which could have worked in the 19th century, but something that doesn’t work anymore.

If it does not have your branding, it is not a corporate Diwali gift.

A true corporate gift is something that is unforgettable. Even a simple pencil that has your logo is more effective than a 10 times more expensive gift that is generic. The point is that, when someone uses your gift, they should see your name and remember it every time.

Thus you should make sure that the corporate gift that you choose for Diwali should necessarily have your logo on it. This makes the gift unforgettable.

Make it personalised for a truly precious touch

A corporate Diwali gift personalised with the recipients name makes it truly precious for the recipient. It shows that you do care a lot for the relationship and thus you chose something personalised rather than picking up something generic in the market.

According to our survey, 100% of the recipients confirmed that they will never throw any gift that has been personalised with their name or initials.

Tip: Personalisation makes the gift ineligible for regifting. Which is a big plus for your corporate giving budget.

Not every recipient is equal

Your gift for a CEO can’t be same as the gift for someone 5 levels down in the org chart. Thus when choosing a gift always have different tiers that you can define based on your budget and the recipient’s org chart level and the value of your relationship with them.