Belt Size Guide | How To Find The Perfect Belt For You

A belt can bring a look together, or make it fall apart. Unbeknownst to many, a belt is key to a great outfit. A single belt could work for every outfit, or you could have a number of them for each occasion.

Initially created to hold your pants up, these stylish accessories are now available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and even men and women.  Finding the perfect belt has always been a struggle, especially when it’s online.

If you’re wondering about how to shop for the correct belt, then take a look at this belt size guide we created before you set out to buy yourself a new belt.

How to Select Belt Size Online

Before purchasing a belt, the one thing you should look for is the size of your belt. There’s three proper ways you should measure yourself for the right belt.

  • Measure an old belt. The best way to find the perfect belt, is to measure the one you already have. If the belt fits right, but you’re unsure of the size, you should measure from the hole in the centre all the way to the end of your belt. This is the length of your belt, and the size you should purchase.

  • Measure an pair of pants that fit you well. We recommend buying a belt that’s two sizes larger than your pants. For example, if you’re a size 34, you should opt for a size 36. But if you’re a size 35, you should still opt for a size 36, since a size 38 would be three sizes too large.

Tip: When measuring high-rise pants, always make sure to measure your natural waistline just above your navel and below your ribcage.

  • Measure your waist. Another way of finding the right size is by measuring your waist. It is always recommended to buy a size or two bigger than your actual waist to fit around your pants better.

Choosing the right belt size is extremely crucial, and multiple brands have a size chart to help with just that. Certain brands like Gucci, Armani, Hermès, etc have their own size charts along with conversions.

And they always recommend getting a size bigger than your waist for a belt that fits perfectly.

And this is the standard size chart for men’s belts.


Expert Tips:

  1. Always use the rule of thumb while purchasing your belts. Use your thumb to measure the width of a belt, if it is the same size as your thumb then it is a formal belt. But if it is wider, then it is a casual belt.
  2. Men and women belt sizes aren’t the same. If a man wears a size 38 womens belt, he’s actually a size 32. So be very aware of what sizes you’re picking.
  3. US and UK sizes differ when it comes to a dress belt. Most dress pants in the US have a smaller loop, so a 30mm belt is the kind you’d use, whereas UK has 35mm belts which work well with dress pants from there.

The one thing people disregard when it comes to purchasing belts is the correct size. But by following these easy tips, you can fight the perfect belt for any and every outfit you own. Let us know if you found the right belt for you using this belt size guide.