Best iPhone 6s Case | The Ultimate Guide To Accessorize Right

These days, phone screens keep getting bigger, and the phones themselves keep getting a lot more slim. While that is quite easy for the user, one fall and your phone could be history. Phones have over the years become a constant in all of our lives, it’d be very difficult to find someone who doesn’t keep staring at their phones.But if you want to keep your phone looking good, then some steps need to be taken. And that would involve investing in a strong, durable phone cover. Check out this list we’ve curated for you of the best iphone 6s case before you make your purchase.

Best iPhone 6s Case

  1. Ted Baker
  2. Urby
  3. Mikol
  4. Ideal
  5. Grovemade
  6. Urby
  7. Carved
  8. Mophie

For Her

1. Ted Baker – Eldar Babylon iPhone 6s Mobile Cover

Image Courtesy: Ted Baker

Founded by Ray Kelvin in 1988, Ted Baker plc is a British luxury clothing retail company and a new range, Ted Baker Woman was launched in 1995. It retails and manufactures in men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, tech accessories, etc.

This iPhone 6s case protects your phone with a floral flourish and shows off Ted’s stylish Babylon print, it is crafted using Polyurethane and features an internal mirror, a clip case, and is Ted Baker branded. This iPhone 6s mobile cover is the perfect blend between protecting your phone and making it look good, the interior mirror is an added touch and doesn’t really decrease the usability of your phone case in the slightest. While the exterior might not be effective, dropping the phone too much could eventually loosen the mirror on the interior.

So make this stylish Eldar Babylon iPhone 6s mobile cover yours, for just £45.

2. Urby – Alice |  iPhone 6s Cover Wristlet

Urby is a brand most known for handcrafting luxury leather products at non-luxury products. All of their products are crafted from 100% real premium leather, and their brand mostly focuses on women’s and men’s wallets, tech accessories, travel accessories, etc.

Alice is the perfect accessory for a hands free life. Crafted from real premium leather, it features a credit card pocket that can store up to 4 cards, a long pocket for currency/documents, a detachable 2-way wrist strap, and a premium YKK brass metal zipper. Measuring 17.7 x 10 cm, Alice not only makes the perfect iPhone mobile cover but also makes an amazing wallet, travel partner, and a purse organiser. With enough space to fit your iPhone, all your essentials, and your ID, this iPhone 6s case also provides space for your travel essentials, and more. If you’re too bored carrying it, simply slide it onto your wrist and roam around hands-free with ease.

Make this best iPhone 6s case yours, for just Rs. 1,795.

3. Mikol – Amethyst iPhone 6s Cover

Image Courtesy: Mikol

Founded in San Francisco, Mikol is run by stone connoisseurs who realized that consumers were getting poor quality products for exorbitant prices. So they got to work to provide their consumers with higher quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices. The result of this is a superior product made from natural stone that’s affordable and environmentally friendly as well.

This iPhone cover is the world’s very first Amethyst gemstone case, a precious gemstone that dates back to ancient times when it was believed to prevent intoxication. Due to the natural characteristic of the gemstone, each case is unique and holds its own set of patterns. Crafted from natural marble, hand cut and sanded this cell phone case for iPhone 6s measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 in. Since this a natural gemstone product, it would make a really strong, and durable iPhone 6s case.

So make this Amethyst iPhone 6s cover yours, for just $739.00.

4. Ideal – Magical Mint iPhone 6s Mobile Cover

Image Courtesy: Ideal of Sweden

Founded in 2013, iDeal of Sweden is a fashion and lifestyle brand for cellphone accessories based in Sweden. They create fashionable designed products, combined with functional solutions as a part of the iDeal Concept with interchangeable designed products, combined with functional solutions as part of it.

The gemstone agate created shift in its colours. This phone cases iPhone 6s is crafted from strong but flexible plastic, and features microfiber lining to prevent scratches, gold details to add a luxurious feel. The Magical mint iPhone case displays the natural layers of the agate through hues of mint green and turquoise.

Make this Magical Mint iPhone 6s cover yours, for just $39.99.

For Him

1. Grovemade – Maple Cell phone Covers For iPhone 6s

Image Courtesy: Grovemade

Ken Tomita, CEO and Co-founder of Grovemade moved his custom business into a humble workshop backing up to the railroad tracks. He soon became friends with entrepreneur Joe Mansfield who had a successful laser engraving business across the street. And on a hot day in the summer of 2009, Grovemade was born.

This maple iphone bumper;s all wood construction is minimalist in design, sturdy, and retains the feel of your phone while still protecting it. It is crafted from eastern hardrock maple, a wood that can be damaged by drops or other impacts. It is hand sanded and finished with vegetable-based oil, with actuated wood power and volume button. Due to the natural materials, this cell phone cover for iPhone 6s will vary in colour and wood grain. Measuring 5.7 x 3 x 0.4 in, this iPhone 6s cover is strong and will protect your phone, but can slightly crack if dropped.

Make this Maple Cell phone Covers For iPhone 6s yours, for just $59.00.

2. Urby – Tom |  iPhone 6s Case

Urby is a well-known brand most known for crafting classy, luxury products at non-luxury prices. Their products are handcrafted from 100% real premier leather, and their brand focuses on men’s and women’s wallets, travel accessories, tech accessories, etc.

This iPhone cover named Tom is minimal with its super slim structure and round edges. It is crafted from premium quality leather, and features a hard shell case for extra protection, back cutout for your iPhone logo, a matte black velvet lamination inside to protect your phone, individual cutouts for the side buttons, and one big cutout for the bottom section. Measuring 13.5 x 6.7 cm, this iPhone cover is the perfect case for your precious phone and almost feels like it isn’t even there at all.

Make this best iPhone 6s case yours, for just Rs. 795.

3. Carved – Hexagon Inlay iPhone 6s Mobile Cover

Image Courtesy: Carved

Founded by John Webber in 2011, when he wanted to make a wood case for his iPhone 4S. Grant Sassaman was better at making things so he became the first employee, and after months of the two of them working together, they created the first product in 2011.

This phone cover for iPhone 6s is crafted from 22 different individual pieces, this slim design provides protection and minimal bulk. It features flexible rubber sides that wraps around all four sides of your phone to better protect against minor mishaps, wide openings for your cables, and a raised lip to protect your phone when it’s face down. This case protects your iPhone, yet accentuates and makes it look better.

So make this hexagon inlay iPhone 6s mobile cover yours, for just $39.00.

4. Mophie – Juice Pack Wireless Charging iPhone 6s Cover

Image Courtesy: Mophie

Founded by Daniel Huang in 2005, Mophie is a California-based technology company that manufactures accessories for smartphones, and other mobile devices. The company manufactures portable charging accessories, particularly phone cases with secondary batteries contained within.

This iPhone 6s cover provides full case protection and an extra battery life for your phone case. While this is the perfect option for someone looking for great battery life, it can get damaged quite easily and should be used carefully.

Make this Juice pack wireless charging iPhone 6s cover yours, for just $89.95.

While iPhone 6s cases are available in different materials, their functionality, durability and a lot more matters too. Mobile covers for iPhone 6s are available in a variety of colours, materials, functionality and a lot more. If you’re unsure of what to get, take a look at this list of the best iphone 6s case and choose your pick.