Best iPhone Cases | The Coolest Must Haves For Your Phones

iPhones are quite the favourites when it comes to a smartphone, but they’re also notorious for being very fragile and easily damaged. Mobile phone cases are a really cool way of protecting your phone while adding to, and decorating it. Phone cases are now extremely versatile, they come with cool graphics, secret pockets, or are rugged to keep your phone from taking any damage at all. But when you want to buy iPhone case, with such a variety of phone cases how would you know which one is the best? You can go through this list we created for you of the best iPhone cases and take a look at some of the best options available in the market.

Best iPhone Cases

  1. Otterbox
  2. Urby
  3. Tory Burch
  4. Mikol
  5. Aspinal of London
  6. Nodus Collection
  7. Christian Louboutin

1. Otterbox – Crystal iPhone 7 Case

Founded by Curt Richardson and David Bridge in 1998, Otter Products LLC started out as a manufacturer of water-resistant boxes and device-specific smartphone and tablet cases for outdoor enthusiasts. Since then the company has specialized in protective cases for smartphones and is a privately owned consumer electronics accessory company that produces water-resistant, shock resistant and drop resistant cases for mobile devices, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The company now provides protection accessories for battlefield military technology as well.

This stunning symmetry series crystal edition iphone cover guards your phone with an impeccable layer of protection and style. Crafted using premium Swarovski crystals, this phone case features a screen bumper, an Alpha glass fortified screen protector.

So make this amazing Crystal iPhone case yours, for just US$89.95.

2. Urby – Tom |  iPhone 7 Plus Case

Urby is a brand well known for handcrafting classy luxury product for non-luxury prices. All of their products are made of 100% premium real leather, and they manufacture men’s and womens wallets, travel accessories, tech accessories, etc.

This mobile cover named Tom is believed to be as slim as the phone without losing out on quality, functionality, and most importantly, your phone. Crafted from premium quality real leather, this iPhone case features a polymer hard shell, back cut for your iPhone logo, a matte black velvet lamination on the interior, individual cut-outs for the buttons, and a big cut-out for the bottom section. Measuring 15.9 x 8.2 cm, Tom sports a super slim profile, you almost don’t realise there’s a cover on it.

Make this best iPhone case yours, for just Rs. 895.

3. Tory Burch – Gemini Link iPhone Cover

Tory Burch is an American fashion designer, business woman, chairman, CEO, and designer of Tory Burch LLC. She founded her label TRB by Tory Burch in 2004, and later changed it to Tory Burch. The label retails ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, tech accessories, etc.

The chain print on the Gemini link iPhone case reveals a graphic abstraction of the iconic logo. It is crafted using leather, and features a kickstand hardware that’s seen on a few of her other products like handbags, shoes, clothing, etc. This mobile phone cover is the perfect case to adorn your iPhone 7 or 8.

So make this gorgeous Gemini iPhone cover yours, for just $88.

4. Mikol – Laguna Blue Marble iPhone Case

Founded in San Francisco, Mikol is run by stone connoisseurs who realized that consumers were getting poor quality products for exorbitant prices. So they got to work to provide their consumers with higher quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices. The result of this is a superior product made from natural stone that’s affordable and environmentally friendly as well.

This mobile phone case is the world’s very first iPhone case made with genuine Sodalite Laguna Blue marble stone all the way from Bolivia. Since these are natural stones, each case is hand cut, sanded and crafted to ensure durability and elegance. This iphone cover case is crafted from natural marble, PC + ABS, and measures 5.7 x 3 x 0.5 inches. Since Laguna Blue marble is naturally beautiful, your iphone cover would be stunning and one of a kind.

Make this stunning Laguna Blue Marble iPhone case yours, for just $699.00.

5. Aspinal of London – Leather iPhone 7 Case

Founded by Iain Burton in 2001, Aspinal of London is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury leather goods and accessories for men and women. They first launched their handbag in 2008, and since then also design bags for men along with a wide range of men’s and ladies’ wallets, accessories, travel bags, tech accessories, etc.

The leather mobile phone cover is designed to protect your iPhone from scratches, dents, and more. It is crafted from the finest dahlia saffiano Italian leather and is lined in butter soft suede, and features a hard-wearing moulded plastic snap-on cover, cut outs for access to all ports, buttons, and camera lens, and an embossed Aspinal branding. Measuring 5.4 x 2.6 inches, this stunning iPhone case not only protects your phone but also elevates the whole look of it.

So make this amazing leather iPhone 7 case yours, for just £55.00.

6. Nodus Collection – Shell iPhone Case

Since 2013 The Nodus Collection has been creating products that improve the interactions we have with the items we use the most. Focusing on wallets and cases, they’ve created a range that is intuitive to use, elegant and tactile.

This phone case has been crafted from vegetable tanned Italian leather, and features a shock absorbing polycarbonate core, ultra-responsive covered leather buttons and a raised lip over the screen to protect from light bumps and scratches. It also is fully Qi Wireless charging compatible, and has a built-in magnetic shielding. The magnetic Micro Dock III is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere, and the built-in magnetic shielding protects the iPhone from magnetic interference, allowing all apps and features to continue to work perfectly.

So make this Shell iPhone Case yours, for just £44.99.

7. Christian Louboutin – Loubiphone iPhone Case

Christian Louboutin is a French fashion designer whose high-end stiletto footwear incorporates shiny,red-lacquered soles that have become his signature. He initially freelanced for fashion houses, until he started his own shoe salon in Paris. His company retails men’s and women’s footwear, handbags, fragrances, etc.

This mobile phone cover is a sophisticated accessory for your smartphone, and is crafted from rubber meant to resemble Louboutin’s signature sneaker sole. Measuring 140 x 75 x 10 mm, this iPhone cover fits an iPhone 7 or 8.

Make this Loubiphone iPhone case yours, for just € 150.00.