Best Money Clip Wallet | Say Goodbye To Your Overstuffed Wallet

A money clip is designed to carry cash in a compact fashion, whereas the modern money clip is designed to carry money and cards. A money clip is a great alternative for people who don’t want to carry a bulky wallet. With a vast variety of options to choose from, we curated a list for you to check out the best money clip wallet you can consider before taking the plunge.

Money clips come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Each offering same yet different things. Curious to find out what they are? Head on over to find out what the different types of money clips are.

Best money clip wallet

  1. Aspinal of London
  2. Urby
  3. Tom Ford
  4. Gucci
  5. Yves Saint Laurent
  6. Burberry
  7. Prada

1. Aspinal of London – Aspinal Signature Sterling Silver Money Clip


Aspinal of london, founded by Iain Burton in 2001, is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of leather goods and accessories for men and women, based in London. The brand launched The Paris Bag, their first handbag in 2008, and now designs bags for men as well as a huge range of men’s and ladies’ wallets, accessories, travel bags, etc.

The Signature sterling silver money clip is a sophisticated money clip designed to hold cash and cards discreetly in your pocket. It is handcrafted from sterling silver and features the signature Aspinal engraving on the front. Measuring 0.8 x 2 in, this silver sterling money clip will perfectly complement the rest of your accessories. A simple, sterling money clip is a classy and minimalist way of keeping your bills secure. This simple money clip that holds a lot of cash is also conveniently stylish and extremely comfortable to carry around.

Make this gorgeous signature sterling silver money clip that holds a lot of cash yours, for only $195.00.

2. Urby – Eric Money Clip Wallet With Coin Pocket

Urby is a well-known brand for offering classy, leather luxury products at non-luxury prices. All of their products are made using premium quality 100% real leather, each product being durable and long lasting.

Eric is the perfect companion for you to switch over to the minimalist lifestyle. This leather money clip wallet is crafted using premium quality real leather and features three credit card slots, a pocket to store coins, keys, etc., a center spring loaded money clip, a flap pocket to secure notes/keep documents, a slip in pocket for more cards and receipts, and a magnetic closure to bring it all together. Measuring 11 x 8.8 cm, along with a 3.3 cm flap, this leather money clip wallet would make an amazing everyday wallet, bringing your style quotient up, and allowing you to enjoy the features of so many wallets, in one. This money clip wallet with coin pocket stays doesn’t bulk out much and can hold a lot of bills without feeling heavy.

At just Rs. 1.495, this stunning best money clip wallet can be yours.

3. Tom Ford – Wallet With Money Clip

Thomas Carlyle Ford is an American fashion designer, film director, screenwriter, and film producer. He launched a line in 2006, named after himself that designed menswear, beauty, accessories, etc. Tom Ford’s customers in his own words are international, culturted, well travelled and possess disposable income.

The wallet with money clip is a classic money clip bifold wallet crafted using grained matte leather. This money clip features eight credit card slots, a central vintage palladium 100% brass money clip, and an external tom ford silver logo. Measuring 10.5 x 9 cm, this money clip wallet will comfortably fit inside your pockets, and hold your cards and notes with ease. Keep your money in this stylish money clip without worrying about any spilling out, this money clip wallet makes sure your pockets stay flat and your wallet doesn’t bulge out.

Make this stunning wallet with money clip yours, for only $450.

4. Gucci – Silver Money Clip With Interlocking G

Gucci, founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, is an Italian luxury brand of fashion and leather goods. It is now owned by the French holding company Kering, and is considered to be the highest selling Italian brand in the world.

The silver money clip with interlocking G is made using sterling silver featuring an interlocking G with a textured edge. Measuring 1 x 2.5 in, this stunning silver money clip will be the perfect accessory for an edge over the others. A simple, stylish silver money clip you’d love to store all your bills in. Bling out your outfit with this little guy, it’s lightweight, doesn’t create any crease lines and comfortably fit inside your pockets.

Make this amazing money clip that holds a lot of cash yours for just $275 and stand out, whilst keeping your money secure in style.

5. Yves Saint Laurent – ID Money Clip

Yves Saint Laurent SAS, also known as Saint Laurent, founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, in 1961, is a French luxury fashion house. It is considered to be one of the world’s most prominent fashion houses and is known for its modern and iconic pieces, such as it’s tuxedos for women. Today, Saint Laurent markets a broad range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear products, leather goods, etc.

The ID money clip is as minimalist as it gets, made from 100% brass with a matte black finish, this money clip is engraved with Saint Laurent lettering. Measuring 7.0 x 1.8 x 0.8 cm, this minimalistically gorgeous money clip would surely make heads turn. YSL’s ID money clip is a simple money clip that with not only securely hold on to your bills but also stays in your pockets comfortably without feeling too heavy.

6. Burberry – Engraved Money Clip

Burberry Group PLC, established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, is a British luxury fashion house headquartered in London, England. Mainly focusing on and distributing trench coats, ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, etc, they’ve now moved into the high fashion market. The brand originally focused on the development of outdoor attire, the fashion house moved into the high fashion market, developing a first of its kind fabric called Gabardine, which is a breathable and waterproof is exclusively made for the brand.

The engraved money clip is rendered in a silver-tone polished 100% brass and features an engraving of Burberry lettering. Measuring 5.1 x 2.3 cm, this minimalist money clip is a minimalist money clip that is simple, but conveniently practical. Despite its size, it holds all of your bills and would surely make every outfit stand out.

7. Prada – Money Clip

Prada S.p.A, founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and Martino Prada, is an Italian luxury fashion house specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, perfumes, etc. Initially started as a leather goods shop Fratelli Prada in Milan, Italy that sold animal goods and imported English steamer trunks and handbags.

The money clip is a simple silver money clip, made to resemble a paper clip with engraved Prada lettering. Measuring 6.5 cm, this simple yet unconventional money clip may look small, but can definitely hold all of your bills without feeling too heavy and can comfortably fit into your pockets. This silver money clip would definitely make an amazing conversation starter.

Money Clips are available in various shapes and sizes, and while some don’t enjoy the minimalist life, money clip wallets are convenient and practical to most. With so many options to choose from, take another look at this list of the best money clip wallet to help make your choice.