Best RFID Passport Wallet | Travel Wallets Every Traveller Needs

Travelling is a really long adventure with minor checkpoints in between. Carrying your travel documents is a quest and the airport, your destination. A passport wallet makes sure to carry all of your documents without causing you any inconvenience. Nobody wants to go through the struggle of rummaging around trying to find your documents. But with identity theft on the rise, carrying your document unprotected is a huge risk. And an RFID travel wallet will ensure that doesn’t happen. Intrigued? Check out this list of the best RFID passport wallet before you make your purchase.

Best RFID Passport Wallet

  1. Tumi
  2. Herschel Co.
  3. Zero Grid
  4. Lewis N Clark
  5. Neat Pack
  6. Travelon

1. Tumi – TUMI ID Lock™ Carbon Fiber RFID Passport Case

Tumi Holding Inc., founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975, is a manufacturer of high-end suitcases and bags for travel based in New Jersey. Known for their black-on-black ballistic nylon, each of Tumi’s bags feature a unique 20-digit registration metal plate. This allows customers to register for the Tumi Tracer program, that enters their contact information into a central database, helping with reuniting their bags when lost.

The TUMI ID Lock™ Carbon Fiber RFID Passport Case is a reliable and durable passport holder crafted using carbon fiber and features an ID window, eight card pockets, a passport sleeve, a slip pocket, an open pocket and an RFID ID lock. Measuring 5.75 x 4.75 x 0.75 in, this gorgeous RFID travel wallet will hold all of your travel essentials along with cards and cash conveniently, and securely. Designed to make your travel more convenient and hassle-free, this carbon fiber RFID passport case is the perfect travel companion for all of your travel adventures.

2. Herschel Co. – RFID Passport Wallet

Founded by Lyndon and Jamie Cormack in 2009,Herschel Supply Co. is a Canadian manufacturer of retro backpacks and accessories, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  They manufacture items like backpacks, duffel bags, other luggage, hats, and other accessories.

The RFID travel wallet is crafted using striped fabric liner, designed to keep your travel documents organized. This passport holder features a passport sleeve, a pen loop, multiple card slots, storage sleeves, mesh identification window, engineered red and white striped tab, and a classic Herschel Co. logo. Measuring 6 x 3.6 in, stay organized with this conveniently practical rfid passport holder, and always be on the go for a hassle-free, fun-filled vacation.

Make this RFID passport wallet yours, for just $29.99.

3. Zero Grid – RFID Passport Wallet

Zero Grid is a travel accessories company that makes travel for travelers fun, easy, and convenient. Their products minimize your luggage load, and help with making your travels more enjoyable and convenient without the added weight of unwanted luggage. Zero Grid believes that travelers go farther on less and their motto is less is more.

Crafted from durable ripstop nylon, this travel wallet features flexible storage pockets, a zipper closure, RFID-blocking security layer, YKK zippers, and can hold up to 8 passports and 8 cards + cash. Measuring 14.47 x 19.05 cm, this RFID passport holder is designed to keep all of your travel essentials secure and on the go. Helping you with having a great vacation without worrying about how much your packing. It also prevents your panic mode at at boarding for times when you can’t find your boarding pass or ticket.

Make this efficient RFID passport sleeve yours for just $29.95.

4. Lewis N Clark – RFID Passport Wallet

Lewis N. Clark was created in 1990 under the parent company LCI Brands, and some of their first products included luggage caddies, luggage trolleys, and packing totes. From then on they have expanded to offer even more travel items meant to make your travel easy like packing cubes, neck pillows, padlocks, RFID wallets, umbrellas, etc.

This leather RFID wallet protects your passport along with accommodating your travel documents and essentials. Crafted from soft leather, this RFID passport sleeve features six card slots, two exterior slot pockets, three interior slot pockets, a business card pocket, and an ID window with thumb notch. Measuring 5.5 x 4.5 when closed, and 5.5 x 8.5 when opened, this wallet is specially crafted to accompany you on your travel adventures. Storing all of your travel accessories has never been easier, so say goodbye to your boarding struggles and say hello to comfortable travel.

So make this deluxe leather RFID passport wallet yours for just $29.99.

5. Neat Pack – Black RFID Passport Holder

This black RFID passport holder is the answer to all your travel issues.

Crafted from water-resistant polyester material, this RFID travel wallet features multiple pockets for all your travel essentials and documents, and  an RFID blocking pocket. Measuring 10 x 6 in, this compact RFID passport wallet can easily fit inside your purse, or bag. And the lifetime guarantee makes sure the passport wallet sticks around for a while. This RFID passport wallet ensures you have an enjoyable trip by securely storing all of your travel essentials, and keeping it in one place making it easier for you to find it whenever you’re looking. You can comfortably carry all of your essentials while sightseeing and easily carry it while travelling. So make this amazing black RFID passport holder yours!

6. Travelon – Classic RFID Passport Holder

Founded as a manufacturer of luggage carts more than 30 years ago, Travelon is now an industry leader of travel products and accessories. They initially started out by manufacturing the basic essentials but now have a branded line of travel accessories that include more than 400 products. They have designed products to make Travel Easier and Safer™ for their consumers with their huge range of travel products.

The classic RFID passport holder has enough slots to store your travel essentials, and has RFID blocking. Measuring 5.5 x 4 x 0.5 this RFID passport sleeve is easy to carry along and easily accommodates all of your travel essentials along with your other basic essentials like your cards and cash.

Make this classic RFID passport holder yours, for just $25.00.

Along with being convenient and efficient, these RFID travel wallets make travel a lot more easier for you. From keeping all of your travel essentials in one place, to keeping all of your information safe, the RFID passport sleeve is just the thing you need. Protect all of your information, passport, and your cards by getting yourself the best RFID passport wallet.