Best RFID Wallet Womens | Protect Your Cards The Right Way

While wallets have been a staple for a long time now, they have slowly been evolving along with the trends. And with identity theft being on the rise, a regular wallet just doesn’t cut it anymore.

What is an RFID wallet? An RFID blocking wallet is a wallet with that help with keeping your cards and ID safe in the true sense. While some might not be as effective, we have found the best ones just for you. So take a look at this list of the best RFID wallet womens and make your purchase.

Best RFID Wallet Womens

  1. Trask
  2. Lodis
  3. Mundi
  4. Tumi
  5. Haiku
  6. Fossil
  7. Bosca

1. Trask – CANYON RFID Blocking Wallet

Image Courtesy: Trask

Trask is an American brand that believes in keeping their timeless style and let their heritage show through their products that resists fads or fading away.

The Canyon RFID wallet is crafted of Italian steer that’s exceptionally smooth, featuring 3 card pockets, a thumb-slide ID window, a top multi-purpose pocket, RFID blocking security, and a cotton chambray lining. The hand-burnished detailing along the edges of the wallet only enhances the rich patina and thin, trip design. Measuring 4 ⅛ x 3 in, this RFID women’s wallet is the best everyday carry you can find.

So make this RFID ladies wallet yours, for just $65.

2. Lodis – Luna RFID Blocking Wallet

Image Courtesy: Lodis

Established stateside in 1965, Lodis Los Angeles has had over 50 years of premium leather goods while modernizing heritage and transcending trends. It’s heritage is traced back to Madrid’s most exclusive leather goods house. This set their foundation of traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful design by adding a fresh dose of cool ingenuity which evolves year after year.

This RFID ladies wallet is a timeless, refined, and elegant beauty. The Goldilocks clutch RFID wallet is the perfect size and is crafted using smooth grain leather and a contrasting trim. With plenty of room for all of your items, this RFID women’s wallet features a snap closure, interior zip pocket, 2 slide pockets, 6 card slots underneath the flap, and 6 card slots inside the gusset. Measuring 4.25 x 7.5 x 0.75 in, this RFID wallet womens in not too big or too small and would make the perfect everyday carry.

So make this Luna RFID blocking wallet yours, for just $90.00.

3. Mundi – RFID Women’s Wallet

Image Courtesy: Mundi

Founded in 1969 by Richard Florin, Mundi started out as a small family run wallet company, in New Jersey. Mundi adheres to standard of materials and workmanship set over 40 years ago by the founder. They create fine accessories, superior design and durable styles at affordable prices.

This RFID blocking wallet features built in RFID protection, 8 credit card pockets, 2 ID windows, 4 picture pockets, 3 large horizontal pockets, a dedicated checkbook pocket with pen loop, 3 zipper pockets, and 2 accordion pockets. With three separate zipper pockets, you get extra added space, and this will also make a great travel partner since it can also hold your passport. Crafted in pebble pattern leather, this RFID wallet measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 in.

So make this RFID ladies wallet yours, for just $40.00.

4. Tumi – TUMI ID Lock™ RFID Blocking Wallet

Image Courtesy: Tumi

Founded in 1975 by Charlie Clifford, Tumi Holdings, Inc. is a manufacturer of high end suitcases and bags for travel, based in New Jersey. Known for their black-on-black ballistic nylon, each of Tumi’s bags feature a metal plate with a unique 20-digit registration number. This allows customers to register for the Tumi Tracer program, that collects their contact information and then enters it into a central database.

This RFID women’s wallet is crafted from Nappa textured leather, and features 12 card pockets, 4 slip pockets, a zipper pocket, 3 expandable open pockets, an RFID ID lock, and a slip pocket with zip closure. Perfect for everyday use and frequent travel alike due to its compact 4.4 x 7.75 in size, this RFID ladies wallet makes a great gift too.

5. Haiku – Kismet RFID Wallet

Image Courtesy: Haiku

Owned and led by women, Haiku’s mission is to inspire others to live a healthy and active life. Their bags and wallets are fashionable along with being good for the environment, eco-friendly, and long lasting.

The Kismet RFID blocking bag is perfect for every day minimal carry. Crafted out of CyclePET, a durable polyester fabric, this RFID ladies wallet features 3 card pockets, a clear ID window, a full length main slip compartment, a zippered coin pocket, and a one sided gusset. Measuring 3.75 x 4.5 x 0.5 in, this RFID women’s wallet is perfect for everyday carry in easily fits in your purse pocket too.

So make this Kismet RFID blocking wallet yours, for just $30.00.

6. Fossil – Emma Large RFID Women’s Wallet

Image Courtesy: Fossil

Founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis, Fossil is an American fashion designer and manufacturer, based in Richardson, Texas. Initially founded as an Overseas Products International, they eventually started importing retail goods; their first products being fashion watches. Leather goods were then introduced in 1990, and since then have been a staple for Fossil.

This RFID blocking wallet is a large zip clutch crafted from leather, and features 2 bill compartments, 12 credit card slots, a zipper pocket, and 3 gusseted pockets. Measuring 7.88 x 1 x 4.38 in, this RFID ladies wallet has enough space to store your phone along with a whole lot of other wallet items too. This RFID wallet is perfect for everyday as well as a travel companion as well.

Make this Emma RFID wallet womens yours, for just $85.00.

7. Bosca – Dolce RFID Wallet

Image Courtesy: Bosca

Hugo Bosca travelled from Italy to The United States at the turn of the 20th century to pursue the American dream. Using his Italian artisan skills in 1911, he founded and built a company; Bosca. Two gentlemen names Reed and MacKinnon were on the lookout for a leather worker for their new handbag business, since they wanted to switch from their furniture business. Shortly after Hugo joined, the Bosca-Reed-MacKinnon company was born.

This RFID women’s wallet is slim, subtle, and charming crafted from hand-stained Italian leather; featuring 4 card slots,a single gusset currency opening, and an RFID blocking technology making this yet stylish wallet for you. Measuring 2.75 x 4 x 0.25 in, this RFID ladies wallet is the best everyday carry, but is also the perfect gift in the signature Bosca packaging.

Make this RFID women’s wallet yours, for just $95.00.

While RFID ladies wallets are the perfect solution to your identity theft issues, many misconceptions still follow them around. They don’t block your cards out, and they do really. While you identity theft might not concern you, it is always good to have a wallet handy. So take a look at this list of the best RFID wallet womens and let us know which one you like the best?