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Wallets have been around for quite some time now, and over the ages have kept evolving. The first ever wallets were used to store completely different items compared to what we store in them now. Modern wallets came into existence when credit cards were invented. And since then we find wallets in a variety of shapes, sizes, and multiple features. But with identity theft being on the high, there’s very little you can do to protect your information. But wallets have evolved enough to provide RFID protection from identity theft. If you’re interested in getting one, take a look at this list of the best RFID wallet before making your choice.

Best RFID Wallet

  1. Tumi
  2. Garzini
  3. Kenneth Cole
  4. Ridge Wallet
  5. Bosca
  6. ID Stronghold
  7. Harber London

1. Tumi – TUMI ID Lock™ Global RFID Wallet

Founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975, Tumi Holdings, Inc., is a manufacturer of high-end suitcases and bags for travel based in New Zealand. Known for their black-on-black ballistic nylon, most Tumi bags have a unique 20-digit registration plate that allows customers to register for the Tumi Tracer program. Once their contact information is entered into a central database, they can be reunited with their bags, if in case they’re misplaced.

The TUMI ID Lock™ global RFID wallet is a gorgeous wallet crafted from soft textured Nappa leather, and features double billfold compartments, three slip pockets, seven card slots, an RFID with ID lock patch, a removable passcase that includes two ID windows, two credit card pockets and a slip pocket. Also featuring an embossed TUMI logo. Measuring 3.75 x 4.75 x 9.5 in, this wallet will store all of your essentials with ease.

2. Garzini – Essenziale RFID Slim Wallet

Garzini’s Essenziale RFID slim wallet is a unique leather card holder with an easy slide cutout ID window. Crafted from genuine leather, this wallet features high-quality satin finish interior, anti-slip card slots that holds five to ten cards, RFID protection, ID window with satin finish and easy slide cutout, and a unique versaflex system. This RFID wallet is compact and measure 10 x 7.5 cm, comes with a one year warranty, and its minimalist design makes it fit in your front pocket. Store all of your essentials in this RFID wallet with ease due to its compact size without worrying about it creating an awkward bulge in your front pocket.

Make this simple, minimalist RFID slim wallet yours, for just $50 USD.

3. Kenneth Cole – Leather Slim RFID Wallet

Founded by Kenneth Cole in 1982, Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc., is an American fashion house that was originally named Kenneth Cole Incorporated. What initially started out as a way to showcase his new line of shoes, Kenneth Cole Productions is now into fashion accessories, small leather goods, etc.

The leather slim RFID wallet is a stunning slimfold wallet crafted from real leather, and features five card slots, two slip pockets, a large billfold pocket, a zipper pocket, built-in RFID identity theft protection, and an embossed logo. This leather RFID wallet is the perfect wallet to protect your identity along with carrying everything you need along.

This RFID wallet is spot clean only and can be yours for just $48.00.

4. Ridge Wallet – Titanium Slim RFID Wallet

The Ridge started out from simple beginnings. Ridge Co-founder Daniel Kane ditched his wallet, instead using a piece of elastic bound around his debit cards and license. Which later on was how The Ridge was bown. Daniel and his father Paul Kane launched The Ridge on Kickstarter, and 4 years later they were ready.

The Titanium slim RFID wallet is a modern, slim front pocket wallet. Crafted from hand torched and hardened grade 5 titanium, this RFID wallet holds 1-12 cards without expanding, blocks RFID, and also comes with a replaceable elastic band. Measuring 86 x 54 x 6 mm, this slim RFID wallet is backed up by Ridge’s lifetime warranty and has enough space to store all of your wallet essentials; from your cards to cards, receipts, etc.

Make this wallet yours, for just $105.00 USD.

5. Bosca – Euro Credit RFID Wallet

Hugo Bosca traveled from Italy to America during the peak of the 20th century to pursue his American dream. In 1911, he founded and built a company using his artisan skills.

The Euro credit RFID wallet is crafted from hand-stained vegetable tanned italian leather, and features RFID security lining, eight horizontal card pockets, two hidden card pockets, a divided currency well, a removable passcase with clear ID window, and an ID sized pocket. As the name suggests, this wallet is designed to accommodate Euros, and comfortably accommodates all of your other wallet essentials as well. This would also make a great travel wallet, so store all of your essentials and prepare to travel in style!

Make this wallet yours, for just $140.00.

6. ID Stronghold – Men’s RFID Wallet With Coin Section

Identity Stronghold was founded in 2005 by Walt Augustinowicz. With a goal in their mind: inform consumers about RFID, and then offer a solution.

The RFID wallet with coin pocket is crafted from a unique hand finished leather, giving the wallet a distressed look. This RFID wallet features three credit card slots, a clear ID slot with a thumb hole, four larger pockets, a gusseted coin pouch, a divided billfold, and a full length zippered compartment. Measuring 4.75 x 3.625 x 75 in, this men’s RFID wallet with coin section can comfortably store all of your essentials like cash, cards, and coins alike.

So make this RFID wallet yours for just $42.99.

7. Harber London – Leather Bifold RFID Slim Wallet

Harber London is a family run business based in London with a genuine passion for handmade leather goods.

This simple, functional, and secure leather bifold RFID slim wallet is crafted from full grain vegetable tanned leather. It features a zip coin wallet, a convenient pull tab for easy card access, can fit 16+ cards, and has RFID blocking protection. Measuring 17 x 10.3 cm whilst opened and 8.5 x 10.3 whilst closed, this RFID wallet keep bulk to a minimum due to it’s super slim design which measures from 8mm to 15mm.

Make this leather bifold RFID slim wallets yours for just £69.00.

RFID wallets are the best solution to the growing online identity theft, but often times many people don’t consider them because of the many misconceptions associated to them. Mens RFID wallets are effective and don’t make your cards go blank, that only happens with hotel cards. What RFID wallets do, is protect all of your cards, and ensure that none of your cards get scanned. So if you want to get a RFID wallet for yourself, then go through this list of the best RFID wallet and find the one you like best.