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Travelling is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience but you also need to be more aware and careful since you’re exploring a place you haven’t before. With the risks of pickpockets present almost everywhere, and identity theft on the rise, it is always better to be prepared. The one thing many people do, is carry all their travel documents along while exploring, but if a pickpocket targets you, you probably won’t know until it’s too late. Passport neck wallets can help prevent that, wearing these under your shirts is a much better option than having them out in the open. If you’re interested, then check out this list we created of the best travel neck wallet before you make your choice.

Best Travel Neck Wallet

  1. Jack Wolfskin
  2. Eagle Creek
  3. Sea to Summit
  4. Zero Grid
  5. Lewis N. Clark
  6. Venture 4th

1. Jack Wolfskin – Travel Neck Wallet

Founded in 1981, Jack Wolfskin is a major German producer of outdoor wear and equipment headquartered in Idstein. It started out as a trademark for the company Sine in Frankfurt am Main by Ulrich Dausien, but now is one of the biggest suppliers of outdoor products and at the same time most successful franchise in the German specialist trade market of sports equipment. They manufacture leisure and mountain clothing, footwear, rucksacks, sleeping bags and tent.

The travel neck wallet is crafted from a lightweight ripstop fabric, and features two zipped compartments, three stash pouches, small pockets and pouches, a soft fleece backing, and attaches to a belt. Measuring 20 x 13.5 cm, this passport neck wallet is a great way of carrying your travel essentials, and it can easily be hidden by simply wearing it under your shirt for an added layer of security.

So make this travel neck pouch yours, for just £12.00.

2. Eagle Creek – Silk Undercover™ Neck Wallet

Founded in 1975 by Steve and Nona Barker in the San Jacinto Mountains of California, Eagle Creek is an American luggage manufacturer headquartered in Carlsbad, California. Originally they only distributed their products in California, but the company has gradually evolved to be an international wholesaler with distribution to Canada, Europe, and other countries.

The Silk Undercover™ Neck Wallet is a simple hide-away neck wallet perfect for travel documents out of sight. Crafted from breathable and washable natural silk, two zippered pockets for passport, sweat-resistant coated satin lining, back slip pocket, and a soft adjustable neck strap with strap keeper. Measuring 14.5 x 19 cm, this passport neck wallet allows you to enjoy a hassle-free vacation with a handsfree travel wallet letting you carry all your travel essentials for protection along with your cards and currency. This adds zero bulk, and if hidden under your clothes, would barely create a bulge. This travel neck pouch is the best option if you’re looking for a hidden wallet.

Make this Silk Undercover™ Neck Wallet yours, for just $27.95.

3. Sea to Summit – Travelling Light RFID Neck Wallet

Sea To Summit began in 1983 in Perth, Western Australia, at the brink of a time where outdoor products were hard to find. Roland Tyson began making his own gear on an antique sewing machine in his bedroom, and the rest is history. It cultivates a culture of design perfectionism to develop ingenious functionally beautiful products with an Australian attitude.

The RFID neck wallet is the perfect option for hidden wallet security. Crafted from Ultra-Sil fabric, this passport wallet features a soft 3D mesh, five pockets, lined with RFID-proof fabric, and a soft webbing neck strap. You can now store your essentials with ease and keep them concealed with this neck pouch, whilst still having a great time. Most of the time you’re always worried about your wallet peeping out, or worse, losing it. This travel neck wallet makes sure it’s safe and sound.

Make this travelling light RFID neck wallet yours, for just $29.95.

4. Zero Grid – Travel Neck Wallet

Zero Grid is a travel accessories design company who equips modern adventures with comfortable travel accessories. Ensuring that minimalist packing maximizes your enjoyment of your trip, ensuring travellers go to great lengths with very little on their hand. Less is always more.

Crafted using water-resistant nylon , this neck pouch features three zippered pockets, an adjustable neck strap, and an RFID blocking security. Measuring 14,47 x 19.05 cm, this passport wallet can easily accommodate four passports and six credit cards, allowing you to securely keep all of your travel essentials hidden and safe. This neck travel wallet is the perfect companion for all of your escapades, letting you enjoy a stress-free vacation to the maximum.

5. Lewis N. Clark – RFID-Blocking Luxe Travel Neck Pouch

Created in 1990 under the parent company LCI Brands, some of Lewis N. Clark’s first offerings included luggage caddies, luggage trolleys, and packing totes. Lewis N. Clark was born out of the desire to represent the resourcefulness of travelers and outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. What initially started out with the bare minimum has now exceeded into manufacturing items like collections of packing cubes, neck pillows, RFID wallets, dry bags, etc.

Designed with special RFID-blocking material, this luxe travel neck pouch is crafted from TravelDry® fabric. This passport wallet features two zip and two sleeve compartments, an ID window and adjustable strap, flap fasteners, and a durable, ribbed fabric. Measuring 8 x 5.5 in, keeping your travel essentials and other essentials safe and secure leading you to an even more enjoyable vacation. This neck wallet is capable of securely storing all of your travel essentials with ease, allowing you to store just the bare essentials making you far more organised as well.

6. Venture 4th – RFID Neck Wallet

Venture 4th is all about the discovery, excitement, and new adventures. They manufacture products like RFID safe passport pouches, money belts, lightweight unbreakable umbrellas, padlocks, travel adaptops, and a lot more to help enhance every travel experience.


This RFID neck wallet is crafted using durable ripstop nylon, and helps with staying organised and secure during travel. This passport neck wallet features an RFID blocking technology that keeps your information secure, an adjustable strap for idea comfort, a moisture-absorbing back panel, numerous smart storage panels to organize your documents, and a unique ID window for convenience.

Get this amazing RFID neck wallet and make it yours for just $17.95.

Like every good product, travel neck pouches have their pros and cons. But it is still a lot safer than strapping your regular wallet on a chain and stuffing it in your pocket. The straps on the neck wallet have pros and cons too, whilst pickpockets can aim to cut the straps off, if worn under your clothes they most probably would aim for your back pocket instead of under your shirt. And with identity theft on the rise, RFID products are something people opt for, like the RFID neck wallet, which gives you twice the amount of security. So make your choice and get yourself the best travel neck wallet there is out there.