Best 7 Types of Money Clips

Types of Money Clips

We always fumble around the wallet by stuffing all credit card shaped things we have ever got. So to slim this over sized bursting wallet, Money Clips can be an attractive alternative. Here we introduce the ideal organizer that keeps your essentials handy in a very compact fashion.

Money Clips are an essentially convenient way of storing all your essentials in a compact device. They are slim without compromising on space, meaning you can store them in your pockets without having an awkward lump in your pants. Interested in buying your own? Here’s a list of the best money clip wallet you can consider before making your purchase.

Money clips also double up as minimalist wallets. A simple clip storing a bunch of notes, or minimalist versions of wallets with a clip attached. Find out what the best minimalist wallets are and make your purchase.

Types of Money Clips:

  1. Magnetic Money Clips
  2. Metal Money Clips
  3. Titanium Money Clips
  4. Carbon Fiber Money Clips
  5. Money Clip Wallet
  6. Personalized Money Clips
  7. Spring Loaded Money Clips

1. Magnetic Money Clips:

Designed to carry the greatest capacity and the strongest clip. Two thin magnets entirely encompassed in leather. A strong magnetic closure to keep your bills secure. Handsome and powerful – a dynamic duo. It is attractive and effective which makes it an ideal choice. The magnetic money clips are able to hold up to 15 banknotes folded in half. Not preferred for holding card as the magnets distort or erase the magnetic strip.

2. Metal Money Clips:

Metal money clip is generally a solid piece of metal folded into half, such that the banknotes and credit cards are securely wedged in between the two pieces of metal. Metal money clips are typically made out of brass, stainless steel, silver, gold, titanium, or platinum. Metal Money Clips are sold as luxury items which are made out of silver, gold, platinum, that adds up sophisticated and rich look to it. It may also be difficult to push the banknotes into the clip due to its stiff nature.

3. Titanium Money Clips:

Titanium has elastic properties which makes it strong, whimsical, waterproof and amazingly resistant. Titanium is not only lighter than common stainless steel money clips. Attractive design and material throughout with good fit and finish. Best suited for carrying cards with cash.

4. Carbon Money Clips:

Carbon fiber has many different weave patterns and when combined with a resin it can be molded to form a high strength-to-weight ratio material. Carbon Fiber Money Clips are light in weight and has considerably lower density with higher strength and durability than steel. It shows sophistication with newer technology. Carbon Fiber Money Clip has that cool carbon fiber look (the benefit of using real, high quality carbon fiber) that changes its look as you rotate the money clip. A picture doesn’t do this money clip justice.

5. Money Clip Wallet:

Buyers looking for something perfect for routine hands can choose Money Clip Wallet. Money clip wallets are a fine choice for all the minimalist men out there who don’t want anything more than they need. This functional design is perfect for those looking to carry their cards and cash, while keeping everything organized and compact. This little wallet is superb for travel, and everyday use, keeping your cards safe and organized! Holds 5-7 cards. Makes for an amazing gift for men and women alike!

6. Personalized Money Clips:

Personalize your Money Clip with your initials, name or message to make it more  unique. Engrave your sun sign, lucky number, lucky name, favorite superhero on any money clips. A personalized, engraved money clip gift demonstrates your appreciation for a loved one’s style and success.

7. Spring Loaded Money Clips:

Spring Loaded Money Clip are typically made out of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. The spring-loaded grip holds up to 25 folded bills. Simply lift the clip to insert bills.

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