Bifold Wallet Guide For Men

The bifold wallet is one of the simplest styles of wallets, consisting of two panels or “folds” that face each other when the wallet is closed, similar to a book. Each fold offers a variety of slots, pockets, and other storage and organizational features.


  1. Introduction
  2. Types of bifold wallets
  3. Billfold Wallet DO’s and DONT’s
  4. Reasons to Avoid
  5. Best Bifold Wallet Brands


The standard bifold wallet seems to be the wallet of choice for men. A bifold wallet is usually rectangular which folds in half. Compact yet stylish, it features a long open pocket where you can put your money and may have different slots where you can put in your receipts, ID cards and credit cards. They may also have coin purses in them. Its slim profile lets it fold in half to easily fit inside a back pants pocket, inside jacket pocket, or in a briefcase or bag. It’s not too big and it’s not too small – Bifold Wallet is just right!

bifold wallet

Types of bifold wallets:

1. Slim Bifold Wallet

Slim enough for your front pocket – better for your back and your back pocket, for a smoother silhouette and less wear and tear on your clothing. Holds 8-10 cards, cash, international currencies, folded in half.

2. Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Removing your bills from the metal money-clip is easy, and you can adjust the tension to secure a thick (or thin) stack simply by rotating the spring-loaded clip. Never carry cash? Unwind to remove the clip for an even slimmer profile.

bifold with money clip

3. Bifold Wallet with Coin Pocket

Many wallets come with an alternative design that adds and utilizes a coin pouch or pocket to keep your loose change readily available. This adds a convenient alternative by stowing away your coins inside your wallet, making it easy to filter through your loose change when purchasing something later.

Billfold Wallet DO’s and DONT’s:

  • DO carry anything you need in your day-to-day activities
  • DON’T carry cards daily that you don’t use regularly.
  • DO clean your wallet out often to remove any unnecessary bulk, such as old receipts
  • DON’T carry your business cards in your wallet. Instead get yourself a proper business card case instead.
  • DON’T carry anything that can permanently stretch or distort your wallet such as anything thicker than a credit card.

Reasons to Avoid:

  • The bifold is the easiest wallet to over-fill. There are so many compartments to tuck things away, it’s easy to hoard receipts, business cards or copper coins.
  • If you wear more slim fitting clothes, this can really bulk out your pockets and ruin a look so it’s not ideal for those who prefer a thin wallet.

Best Bifold Wallet Brands:

  • Urby
  • Jack Spade
  • Fossil
  • Ettinger
  • Mont Blanc
  • Launer
  • SelfRidges
  • Gucci

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