Buying Jewellery Boxes!!

Use of Jewellery boxes since ages

Why are so many people buying jewellery boxes today? Know the nitty gritties of buying a great jewellery box for yourself or the leading lady in your life.

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A toy wind-up jewellery box that opens up to beautiful music and a tiny figurette ballerina dancing atop it is what took every little girl’s fancy back in the day. She’d put in her toy jewellery and apply make-up looking at the tiny mirror within it, imitating her mother as best as she could.

What made a little girl happy… still makes a grown-up woman happy.

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Every woman owns some jewellery – even those who you have never seen wearing any. And every one of them treats their jewellery as one of their most prized possessions – something they would hate losing and love giving to their daughter or daughter-in-law later in life. Therefore, taking good, proper care of their jewellery and storing them safely is very important for them.

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Jewellery boxes are small boxes usually with a latched lid that are used to store jewels and small trinkets. They have been in use since the times of Kings and Queens. Even today, if you go visit any palace, you will see that the Queen’s room had a huge handcrafted jewellery box attached with mirrors and a broad array of hair brushes. As times went by, jewellery boxes became a mainstream commodity that women from all walks of life began to use. Only the materials used and the sizes they were made up of began to alter.

Why do people use jewellery boxes?

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There are some jewellery which take a fair amount of money from your wallet and there are those who you especially favour – the ones you wear almost all the time. Naturally, these require some special care to be taken off. Jewellery boxes are a great way to keep your jewellery organised. They not only look fancy at home but are functional too in the sense of safe keeping. Many people also put precious jewellery in banks and they use jewellery boxes to remain organised. Women who travel often find travel-friendly jewellery rolls as their noble companions.

What jewellery box is suitable for you?

While selecting a jewellery box, there are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How much jewellery do I want to store?

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What type of jewellery and how much of it do you want to store? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself. Some jewellery boxes can have ample space to hold all your trinkets together, some are two-tiered or three-tiered to hold different types of jewellery and some others come with specialty features like they are made to only hold your rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. Deciding on the type of jewellery you want to store can narrow the search a great deal.

  • How much money am I willing to spend?

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Jewellery boxes, like other things in the world, are available in a wide price band. There will be some made purely out of – or plated with – gold, silver and other precious stones, there will be others made of wood, glass, leather, aluminium, plastic, and other similar modest materials. You need to decide how much money you are willing to spend to hold your fripperies together. Bear in mind though, greater the quality, longer will it last. It can even become a family heirloom!

  • Where will I place my jewellery box?

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Your jewellery box should add personality to your overall decor. If you are planning to keep it on your dresser, it should match the surroundings too. A wooden jewellery box would not suit a contemporary and modern-looking room. Your box should complement your room otherwise it’s as good as money wasted. If you are planning to use the box for safekeeping purposes only, then the looks may not matter as much. But if you are spending a decent amount, it’s better investing in something that doesn’t look out of place, right?

Jewellery box as a gift

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Jewellery boxes are great ideas for gifting a woman who is an important part of your life too. They don’t require much thought, make a great presentation and moreover, she will keep it with her forever. Today, gifting jewellery boxes has become simpler as you can buy jewellery boxes online too. Compare from a range of sites selling all kinds of jewellery boxes online.

 Hope this article has helped you in deciding to buy a jewellery box and what kind of box will be best suited for you.

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