What is a complete calendar watch ? Everything you need to know.

The complete calendar watch is the most affordable watch with the calendar watch complication.

The complete calendar watch is an entry point to the watches with complications. These watches look elegant and classy, yet they are very very affordable compared to the elevated calendar technologies in the horology space. In a calendar watch, you need to advance the date for the months with less than 31 days.

Basically the way calendar works is that they have thirty one, twenty four cycles defined as a calendar. Now, whenever there are less than thirty one days, the watch mechanism won’t be able to find that out and adjust the month on its own. Thus for those months, when you advance the day by one, you are effectively compensating for the missing one day according to the mechanism that the watch gears have been set up for.

What is a complete calendar watch ?

The complete calendar watch displays the month, weekday and date along with the time. It is a step up from the watches with just the date display. The complete calendar watch need to be reset for all the months that have less than 31 days. Its simple mechanism makes the watch much more affordable compared to the annual calendar and perpetual calendar watches.

What is the difference between complete calendar watch and perpetual calendar watch ?

The perpetual calendar watch can differentiate between all the complexities of the Gregorian calendar. This feature allows the perpetual calendar to work without having a need of reset for over 100 years. Whereas in a complete calendar watch, the mechanism can’t distinguish the longer months from the shorter ones. Thus it needs to be reset 5 times a year.

How sophisticated is the complete calendar watch ?

Even though the name of this watch complication is complete, it is actually not as sophisticated as the other types namely Perpetual calendar and annual calendar. The complete calendar is actually a simple calendar mechanism on a watch and is something that does not take into account the variable lengths of the days in calendars of the month. Thus it doesn’t differentiate between thirty and thirty one days in the month.

How often do you need to reset a complete calendar watch ?

Thus in a year, it needs to be reset five times manually. The dates that it need to be reset on are Mar 1, May 1, July 1, Oct 1 and Dec 1. The mechanism on the watches with complete calendar are mostly done for aesthetic reasons. The watch face on a complete calendar watch will have two windows, one for the day of the week and the other one for the month. The date is shown via either a small sub dial at the center or via a date indicator over the circumference of the dial.

What is the significance of a moon phase found on a complete calendar watch ?

Even though it is not directly related but in most of the watches with complete calendar, a moon phase is included at the 6 o’clock position. It brings in symmetry to the two small day and month window, generally at the 12 o’clock position. This way the watch dial looks far more elegant than it would without it.