The Concise Travel Checklist for a Perfect Vacation

It’s the summer holidays, and most of you will want to go somewhere with your family or friends for a nice, long vacation. Will it be Goa this time, Ooty, Dubai, or London? Wherever you go, and whatever the weather is over there, there are a few things that are essential to all travelers on every trip, and we’re here to give you the low down on what you should carry on your vacation, in the form of a neat travel checklist. We’ll be brief and to the point. Pakka promise.




This is a checklist, so you can just print it out, or just use this page by itself to check all your travel essentials. Now you won’t have to sit on top of your luggage to shut it, because we’ve listed out all the things that you need for your trip so you know what to keep behind.

Extra batteries for your cameras, phones, radios, alarm clocks, and whatever battery operated gadgets you plan on carrying.

Universal chargers and cords for all your tech. Carry earphones if necessary. (How else will you be able to blast lungi dance on high volume in public?)

Camera/video camera

Passport (in a holder), reservations, travel documents.

Foreign currency, cash, travellers’ cheques, cards.

Travel wallet/card holder to keep your money and cards in safely.

A tote bag or backpack to traipse around town with, preferably with a water bottle holder.

First aid kit and medicinal supplements. (mainly for gas-relief, motion sickness, antihistamines for allergies, soframycin, bandaids, relieving pain, thermometers, etc)

Hand sanitizer

Facial cleanser

Sun lotion


Lip balm

Shampoo and conditioner. Hair oil, if necessary.



Personal hygiene items such as razors, sanitary napkins, wipes, shaving kit, cotton buds, floss, tweezers etc.

Eyewear and eye care products.

Insect repellant

Snacks. (granola bars, chips, biscuits, farsan, chakli, etc.)

Travel guide (with language help and emergency numbers) and map.

A picture of your luggage in case of lost contents.

Travel pillow and eye mask (if necessary)

Sealable plastic bags. Trust us. They’ll come in handy everywhere.

Sunglasses (if necessary)

An extra pair of walking/casual/night-out shoes.

This is our list of travel essentials, apart from clothes and all the other obvious items, that you need for any vacation trip. Whether it’s the hill-stations of Shimla, or the heat of Marrakesh, these items are necessary everywhere. The ones that are optional are marked “If necessary”, so those are completely up to you to take along. So don’t fret about whether you’ve packed everything you need next time, but use our handy travel checklist to well, check stuff and see that you have everything. This time tell mum to take a back seat (and to stop stuffing every corner of your bag with food packets.)

Bon voyage from GoGappa!

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