As Christmas bids adieu, New Year preparations greet us. New aspirations, dreams and resolutions is what we think of during the New Year time. Everyone commemorates the onset of a new phase in their lives. And so do the corporates. Apart from innumerable games and entertainment for the employees, they are granted many corporate gift items for the new year.With just a handful of days remaining for the beginning of a brand new year, gifting is another task perching on the priority list. Corporate houses are buzzing at this time to design and prepare for the essential and mandatory New Year corporate gifts.

We have come up with some exciting options to pick from for this occasion. They are listed as,

1)     Home décor/ divine idols

The Almighty Zulu Ganesha

The Almighty Zulu Ganesha

To create serenity and a healthy mind we need our surroundings to reflect the same. Hence some intriguing options could be Ganesha or Buddha idols. Not only do they inspire you bringing good luck but also decorate your homely spaces.

2)     Travel is a given during the holiday season. Hence passport holders and covers come real handy during this time. It is a necessity these days and also is available in multitudes of personalized options. Passport holders not only contain your passport but also the tiny nitty gritties of your travel kit. It’s convenient , travel friendly and a great idea of a gift for your clients.

3)     Calendars: They come in all possible shapes and sizes. The clever ones are those that can be easily accessible and at the same time look classy enough to be a part of your daily furniture. We are talking, mugs, mouse pads and pen holders with calendars printed on them. It’s a fabulous expression during the new year for your employees and clients.

4)     Leather watch cases and rolls:

The Essence of Time Watch Roll
The Essence of Time Watch Roll

To organize is to simplify your life. And when you posses more than two watch it is officially a collection. A watch case is your best friend. You can stack up all your time pieces with élan and find the apt one on time to head out for any event.

5)     Corporate gift hampers: The best one is kept for the last. Gift hampers are one of the most loved gift items on the corporate gift list. It holds an assortment of gift options such as  new year diaries, pens, a box of assorted chocolates and dry fruits and leather wallets. This is one of the best ways to make a mark on your receivers mind.

These delectable corporate gifts are one of the best during the New Year season and work wonders to not only build your image but also stay etched in the minds of your receivers. For some more options of corporate gift hampers check out

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