How Corporate Gifts can help your Business

Business is never a simple transaction between the company and its clients. Today, businesses are looking to expand their inter-personal relationships, and improve productivity in all ways possible. And what better way to impress or mollify someone than by the means of impressive corporate gifts? And to all the employees out there : no matter how tough you are or how often you declare that you don’t care about anything but your career, a kind gesture from your company in the form of a nice little gift wrapped in a ribbon can woo your socks off.


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So how exactly does a corporate gift benefit the brand? We take a brief look:

1)      Research:

We know you’ll believe anyone in a white lab coat who gives you a random bunch of statistics when it comes to research, but it’s always been said and reiterated that corporate gifts are one of the most effective and universally favourite ways to invest in brand-building. In 2012, according to an American Express study, the corporate gifting trend had risen by 8% since the past year, which just goes to show how well-received corporate gifting programs are. See? We may not be in white lab coats, but we do have good statistics.

2)      Affordability:

Promotional gifts are easily one of the most affordable ways in which a brand could be marketed. How often have you seen a backpack or a T-shirt with a company logo on it? We’ll bet – it’s pretty often. The recipients serve as walking (and if sufficiently pleased by the gift, talking) advertisements for the company, and moreover, they get utility from it! Promotional gifting is brand marketing at its smartest.

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3)      A visual relic of the company:

At events such a tradeshows, corporate gifts are a great way to attract and keep people at your stall. With your company logo and name on the item, it becomes a visual reminder of your company, which means brand reinforcement. Now that the customers or the recipients of your gifts have made a connection with you through your gifts, they’ll want to reach out further to your business.

Also, some products that are used as corporate gifts such as pens, bags, key-chains, notebooks, etc, are daily use items, which mean that they will keep reminding the user of your brand.

4)      Brand image building:

No, we’re not simply taking random words from the dictionary and adding them in front of ‘brand’. Brand image means the perceived personality of your brand. Through corporate gifts, you can establish yourself as a brand that cares about its clients, employees, and associates. This definitely helps in attracting new customers and improving business relations. Also, if items that are not publicly released are given out as previews to current clients, this could be very helpful in networking your new product and making your clients feel that they’re unique because they’re being treated to your product before anyone else.

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You KNOW from her smile – that woman’s going to steal all the gifts.


5)      Happiness level – up:

Honestly, who doesn’t like getting freebies? They especially work wonders internally by building up company morale. They make your employees, your partners, and your clients feel that they’re being rewarded for associating with you. Employee productivity increases by a good deal, and they’ll feel glad that they’re working for a company that is considerate towards them. Even with share-holders, corporate gifts make them feel rewarded and interested in maintaining their business with you. When the happiness level goes up in a company, business goes up-er. That’s not a word. Sorry.


So, get your company enlisted in a good corporate gifting program today. It works wonders both internally and externally, and ensures that everyone remains content. If you’re confused about what you should gift, or if you’re looking for a premium corporate gifting program to enroll in, check out the Gogappa corporate store. Don’t be a boring business, be a corpo-great. (Again, sorry.)

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