Gift Wrapping – 10 Quirky DIY Ideas

It’s gifting time – a birthday, house-warming, a wedding; you’ve gone to the store, picked out a typical gift, asked for the sales person to gift wrap it in shiny red paper (because when you do it, people laugh), and trudged home with your glistening gift nestled in your bag. But, what if you could be a little more creative the next time you gift someone and up the perceived value of your present at the same time? Everyone loves a pretty gift!

We’ve put together a list of cool, completely do-able gift wrapping ideas that will spice up even the most ordinary gift. Unwrapping and unboxing are some of the little pleasures in life that we often overlook. When you’ve got that part right, half your work is done. But beware of poor gifting choices (think: 10 gifts to not gift your wife and the like), or you’ll find yourself facing a grouchy and potentially violent spouse saying “Hey, at least the presentation was good, right?”

Here are 10 great do-it-yourself ideas for wrapping a gift that’ll make someone’s day.

1)      Au natural:


natural accents gift wrapping


Use accents inspired by nature on plain shades of wrapping paper to make them come alive. Tuck a piece of coral, or a twig, or even a pretty leaf under the twine or rope that you bind your present with. From homespun to exotic, in a matter of seconds.

2)      Cut it out:

gift wrapping with cards



More likely than not, you’ll have some old greeting cards at home that you wouldn’t mind cutting up. Use your carving skills and cut out cute characters, scenes, quotes, and figures from the card and stick them onto your gift for a personal touch.

3)      Fab fabric:

Whale, this is one sea-riously good way to do it. While fishing for gift wrapping ideas, we came across this fabric wrapping technique that requires only a little amount of craftsman-ship. Water you still doing here? Click on the image to know how it’s done! And sorry for all the marine puns. Reel-y.

whale print

whale gift wrapping



4)      Treats :

cookie bag


Slip a little something in a tiny plastic bag, or decorated matchbox; something that everyone loves – cookies! Attach it to the bag with a gift tag and a ribbon or rope, and try not to be tempted to eat it yourself. If your recipient doesn’t like cookies (the horror!), you could put in a toffee, a biscuit, or a spicy snack like a chakli.

5)      Paper revamp:

gift wrapping alternatives

If you’re bored of the using the same plain papers, or the shiny glittery ones, use this simple tip – put old newspapers, magazines, posters, maps, or comics to work. Use these as quirky gift wrappers – they’re easy to find because they’re something you already have at home, and great fun to look at. Try an old Tinkle.

6)      Tape it up:

washi tape gifts


Washi tape – what can you not do with it? This incredibly handy piece of stationery can be used by itself to liven up any box or paper, and is easily found at stationery or crafts shops. It’s not overly expensive either. However, if you can’t get hold of washi tape, you could always use coloured paper strips held in place by satin or velvet ribbons on any plain old gift box.

7)      For the kids:

….and the adults! Though this looks childish, it would make any adult guffaw in glee. The image in itself is a series of instructions, so the next time you have any miniature gift to give someone, you know which vegetable you want to put it in.



carrot gift box


8)      Mousey:

This one’s for the greeting card that you can stick on or accompany with the gift. Take some chart paper, preferably grey or white (but you can totally have a fluorescent green mouse if you want) and cut it into one nice circle about 4 inches, or how big you want your mouse’s body to be. Punch a hole into one corner of it. Then carve out a heart shaped paper piece from the same chart paper (slightly smaller than the body) and fold it in half lengthwise. Twist the two heart bumps towards yourself, and stick on buttons for eyes, or just draw them on with a marker. Finally, cut out a little triangle (or frilly triangle) from pink paper and stick it where the nose should go. End by looping a piece of rope through the punched hole on the body for the tail, and your mouse is ready to stick to whatever you want it to!

mouse gift card


9)      A wow bow:

Instead of attaching a bow on top, try a fresh flower that complements the box/paper colour, or a sea shell. You could also use bow macaroni to make it look cool. Tres bien!

flower bow


10)   Gogappa style:

This may not exactly be a DIY in the traditional sense, but it’s a guaranteed winner. Simply go ahead and order a beautiful gift from Gogappa, which will come to you beautifully packaged and wrapped. You may also get a keepsake wooden box which is quite fun to open. Elegant packaging is what we’re pros at, and if you order a gift via Gogappa, you’re in the right hands.

gogappa gift wrapping


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