Cruising Sydney in Style

Sydney Trip

A name in each one’s bucket list, Sydney’s lively and vibrant aura has been pulling backpackers and tourists of all interests here since decades. Most famous for its harbour and myriad waterways, you will also find beautiful parks, mountains, beaches, caves, museums, UNESCO heritage sites and shopping havens in this cosmopolitan city.

Whether you are coming to Australia to have the ‘Masterchef Experience’ or to be able to say ‘mate’ repeatedly without feeling out of place, you will not fly back home before visiting Sydney.


                                                              CIRCULAR QUAY

Sydney harbour bridge gogappa

Accessible by buses, trains & ferries, 3 major Sydney attractions that are very close by circular quay are the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Rocks giving it a brilliant cityscape. There are museums, galleries and fine dining restaurants a walking distance away from the circular quay. Other great attractions, such as certain beaches, are just a short ferry ride away from here.

opera house sydney gogappa

If all the shells on the Sydney Opera House were combined, they would form a perfect sphere



bondi beach sydney gogappa

Beach life is the way of life of the Sydneysiders and it is not uncommon to see hoards of people on beaches past 4:30 on a weekday. But which beaches to visit? Well, you can hit up Manly and Bondi beaches which are the most popular beaches for surfing and getting a great tan. It is also enveloped with delicious eateries, shopping streets, hotels, etc. Other underated not-so-crowded beaches with calm waters to visit are Balmoral beach and Clovelly beach (however, Clovelly does not have sand, but cement).

manly beach sydney gogappa

The Manly beach was so named because of the indigenous inhabitants’ “manly” behavior


                                                             SHOPPING SPREE

From high-street fashion sold on the streets by locals who could well become the ‘next big thing’ to the labels of designers known throughout Australia and the world for their merchandise, it’s all here.

darling harbour shopping sydney gogappa

A great mix of these is the Oxford Street that gives funky, stylish, vintage and one-off fashion places as well as designer wears of well known brands and high-end labels. Shopping at Darling Harbour is not only great for self indulgence but also for some souvenirs!

Queen Victoria Building sydney gogappa

Queen Victoria Building houses top brands as also brands that are cultural treasures and is also well known for its architectural chef-d’œuvre. A place you must visit even if it is only to window shop. Strand Arcade & Westfield Sydney are other places to find local designer stores. Another popular shopping destination is the Pitt Street Mall.



If you have at all followed Masterchef Australia, you are very excited for this part of the trip. Here are some great picks by GoGappa:

cafe sydney gogappa

Café Sydney by the Circular Quay that provides mouth watering food and splendid service with a picture perfect view of the harbour.

sepia restaurant sydney gogappa

The SMH Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year 2014, Sepia is definitely on this list. It provides a fine dining experience consisting of 7-9 courses of Japanese inspired food.

36 levels above the rocks sydney gogappa

36 Levels Above The Rocks is situated literally 36 levels above ‘The Rocks’ on the Shangri-La hotel and gives a panoramic bird’s eye view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Signing off with: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!

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