Declutter your Wallet: 10 ways to organize stuff

Have you ever opened your wallet and candy, bottle caps, deo cans, and entire cats have fallen out? Well, maybe not. But we can’t deny that a lot of us walk around with bulging wallets filled to the brim with stuff we don’t really need. So why should you declutter your wallet? Not only do cluttered wallets lead to annoying situations like not being able to find something you need immediately, but also pretty serious things like miscalculated loss in case of theft and identity theft issues.

When you have too many items in your wallet, you tend to lose track of what’s actually in there. A lot of important documents and cards that could have your address and your bank details might be in that wallet and you’d never know. Identity theft is a serious and ubiquitous problem today, and is estimated to cost an Indian an average of Rs 7500 each time it happens. On a lighter note, think about how weird that bulging wallet looks in your pocket.


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We’ve compiled a list of things to do in order to de-clutter your wallet and make sure that the next time you want something, it’s right where it should be. Also, in case of theft, you won’t be as forlorn as you would be otherwise. So let’s put that wallet on a diet, shall we?

1)      Clean out your wallet weekly.  Do it on a Saturday or Sunday, so you can’t even excuse yourself by saying that you haven’t got the time. Set reminders or make memos that you have to do some spring cleaning for your wallet before you go to bed that day, and this way you’ll start the week off with a nice, fresh wallet.

2)      Preferably, get a travel wallet in place of your regular one, or make sure that your current one is roomy enough. You need a wallet that has dedicated slots for cash, cards, spare change, and a couple of other little pockets for odds and ends.


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3)      Now, for what’s inside. Golden rule of ideal wallet care – don’t carry too much cash. Only take what you need, and always keep your spare “emergency” cash in your bag or on your person. It can be easily stolen if it’s all in one place, and no one wants to end up stranded alone somewhere without any cash.

4)      You don’t need that many cards, either. Keep just two of your main cards in your wallet, and one as a spare in your bag or on your person. Leave the rest at home, along with all the extra identification cards that don’t really need to be there. Take photocopies of the backs and fronts of all your cards as safety precautions.

5)      The wallet is a no keys and phone area. Put your keys and your phone in concealed, sealable places or pockets which can’t be easily accessed by others. A lot of important information could be stolen, and you could have well compromised the safety of your home.

6)      Receipts and bills – oh, the habituated practice of cramming receipts into your wallet. Check your wallet; there’s probably an old McDonalds bill in some corner right now. No matter how much we encourage the love story of our wallet and our receipts, we need to realize that they are the no. 1 cause of cluttered wallets. If your wallet has old or unnecessary receipts for things you can’t return, get rid of them, stat.


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7)      On a similar note, avoid carrying vouchers, coupons, and gift cards too. These are just like money, so they can be encashed by a thief anywhere. If you’re planning on going somewhere where you can actually use that voucher or coupon, only then take it with you.

8)      Also throw out all the old business cards, and your used bus, train, and other random tickets. These go into our wallets sub-consciously, but create quite a mess. Enter the data from the business cards into your phone or onto a memo pad, and discard all the rest.

9)      Things of great value such as jewellery and your usb device should never be kept in your wallet. Not only do they create unseemly bulges in odd corners, but can also easily fall out or be stolen.

10)   Spare change is always good to keep at hand; especially when that sly rickshaw-wala innocently proclaims that he doesn’t have any. Keep a few coins in a dedicated coin slot in your wallet, which should be zipped, to save you from crawling around on your knees on the road trying to see where your coin went. Better yet, keep a coin pouch around your neck or in your bag that you can easily use to retrieve coins.


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Follow these tips every week, and you can be sure that you’ll be better protected against theft and costly accidents. Also, your wallet will be nice and slim, so it can easily slide into your pocket without looking like a gluttonous consumer of your valuables. Declutter your wallet, and embrace your organized side!


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