Its Diwali time once again. The time for sugar, spice and everything nice! One crucial part of diwali is gifting. It is not only about gifting your loved ones but also in your corporate zone. Diwali gifting ideas for corporates  has been going around for ages but it’s only in the 21 century that a vast variety of diwali gifts are being offered in corporate families. When gifting your  corporates this diwali there are some core pointers you need to focus on. Last time we gave you the fundamentals of corporate gift ideas ; today we put forth certain dos and don’ts while giving Diwali office gifts.
Some essentials while corporate gifting:

  • Quality-It speaks volumes about your company. It needs to be the prime focus while gifting as it helps build your image.
  • Uniformity-Favoritism is a grave mistake and needs to be monitored thoroughly.
  • Price tag-When buying online or physically, price tag should be removed.
  • Packaging -It emphasizes the value of client relationship.
  • Budget-Overtly expensive gifts are rejected. So do not set an unreasonably high budget.


Most preferred Diwali corporate gifts :

  1. Electronics are one of the most desired Diwali gifts these days. Though it requires a bit of a higher budget but nevertheless manages to escalate in the most wanted gift list.
  2. Hampers– Variety is the spice of life and that’s what seems to be in vogue today. A bunch of diwali goodie bags is something people prefer for their associates or dignitaries during Diwali.
  3. Chocolate – And then again who can refuse the king of all confectioneries. Chocolate remains one of the best sellers consistently. Corporate gifts usually consist of these.
  4. Dry fruits- From time immemorial dry fruits have been considered one of the most revered items while gifting someone important. So that’s number 4 on the list.
  5. Divine– There’s nothing better than a divine idol or sculpture while gifting in India. It’s a sign of goodwill and prosperity. Also Diwali is a festival commemorating folklore so this gets really important.
  6. Gift coupons– Another set of hot items on the list has to be gift coupons or vouchers. Sometimes people don’t want to get into the hassles of choosing gifts and usually opt of for these easy to get options.

It’s a crucial task and it has to be done right. Corporate gifting when executed with finesse can guarantee you a ton of accolades. Some basic pointers mentioned above give you a bird’s eye view on the whole story. So fret no more. Do the deal this season. And if you need exquisite choices visit our very own Gogappa.com and discover the art of gifting.

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