Don’t Call it Frisco: When You Visit San Francisco

Trip to San Francisco

San Francisco, where free spirited individuals who love their coffee and their city walk the roads along with innovators, techies, artists and multicultural thinkers. What is it about San Francisco that is so great? You can Google that. Here we present some lesser known facts about San Francisco. Enjoy!


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We all have seen the landmark golden gate bridge of San Francisco on postcards, movies, videos and serials with its beautiful orangish colour in sync with the surrounding environment. But did you know that this colour was actually a happy accident? The US Navy wanted it painted a goddy striped combination of black and yellow to improve ships’ visibility during foggy conditions. The US Air-Force, on the other hand, pressed for a striped combination of red and white – to make it more visible from the air. But when the steel arrived to San Francisco coated with an orangish red shade of primer, the architect loved how the colour contrasted, yet complemented the lush greenery of surrounding hills; and the cool blues of the bay and sky and the colour was finalised.

Interestingly, during the Great Depression of 1930, not a single bank of this city failed and it was during this time of international financial crisis, that the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge was constructed.

The Golden Gate Bridge is continuously painted; the bridge is so long, that by the time the workers finish painting the bridge from one end to the other, it’s time to start again.



Remember the opening sequence of “Full House”? Yes, that was shot in San Francisco. It shows us the golden gate bridge, the cable car (the oldest moving National Historic Monument in the World) and also the Alamo Square Park with the Painted Ladies in the background. If you want to go check out the exterior of the house shown in the series, go to 1709 Broderick Street. Relive your childhood!

“Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV?….”

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The filming of That’s So Raven (Ashbury Street house); Mrs. Doubtfire (Steiner Street house); and Princess Diaries’ Mia Thermopolis’ childhood house (a vintage San Francisco fire station built in 1911, called Engine Company No. 43 at Brazil Avenue house) was also shot here.



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The San Franciscans love their coffee! SF has over 300 coffee shops within its boundaries. It is believed that much of The Godfather Trilogy script has been written in Cafe Trieste in San Francisco. The infamous Irish Coffee was also invented and perfected here.

Additionally, if you’re a gourmand, you would love to visit SF as it’s considered a food haven from amongst all the U.S. States.



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San Francisco, home of hippies, snobs and brainiacs, value their independence and creativity over anything else. Don’t be surprised then at the number of awesome festivals and events happening here ALL the time. There are impromptu performances on the streets and concerts happening round the year. A lot of the locals dress up in costumes quite often. Why? Because they can. They love costumes so much they even started their own celebration – Bay to Breakers.



You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.

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Another thing about SF is that it has tons really weird laws (although most are not taken seriously and will probably be ruled out). Some of them are:

1. It is illegal to beat a rug clean outside your home in San Francisco.
2. It is illegal to use your underwear to wipe your windshield.
3. It is illegal to walk down the street if you’re ‘ugly’.
4. It is illegal to walk 9 or more dogs at once.
5. You have to ask permission before pointing a laser pointer into a moving car.
6. It’s illegal to store anything but your car in your garage.
7. You can’t ride a horse when drunk.
8. It is illegal to carry bread in an open basket through the streets.
9. It is illegal to play ball in the street.
10. You may not use feces to grow vegetables.

Which is the wackiest law you found about San Francisco?


‘Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.’ – Lawrence Block

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