Some Epic Proposals This Valentines Day



If some epic proposals are recorded in history, what would they be?

Proposal type 1) The ‘inseparables in an iconic city’ type



This one happens only at one of the swankiest cities of the world, between two inseparable souls who just can’t seem to get enough of each other. They seem to always have a perfect romantic scene all set.

Proposal type 2) The ‘loving & caring’ type

Tablet final


These ones will reinforce your belief in true love. They care about each other so much that they always have their back, come what may! Watch out! You might just get jealous.

Proposal type 3) The ‘eternal love birds’



This couple has decided to spend all their lives together, and probably has already spent half of their lives in love with each other. They personify the forever and ever fairy tale love stories that you grew up listening to.

Proposal type 4) The ‘Dipped in Romance’ couple



They are hardcore lovers and go by every love statement and rule. Their idea of a perfect proposal is nothing less than the most romantic city of the world…a la Paris! Yeah ! That’s how they roll.

Proposal type 5) The ‘philosophical’ types

Candle holder


These ones are one of the intellectual couples in love. They always have deep thoughts when it comes to expressing their love. Poised and matured , we say.

Now that you are well aware of the iconic proposals this valentine’s season, why dont you try it out yourself? Reinvent your love or in case you haven’t found someone, you never know, you might just get lucky. And when it comes to getting lucky, you might want to please your love with some awesome gifts too! Just in case you do, check out


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