Gifts for Karwa chauth !

Bollywood has used it to the optimum, and every woman (read married) around you is fascinated by it. It’s the occasion commemorating the sacred union of Indian wives with their husbands where the lady prays for the long life of her better half by fasting until moon rise.

Karwa chauth is a grand celebration among the North Indian households and calls for much pomp and gaiety. Women begin preparing for Karva Chauth a few days in advance, by buying cosmetics , traditional adornments or jewelry, and puja items. Local shops adapt a festive feel by putting their Karva Chauth related products on display.

On the day of the fast, women awake to eat and drink just before sunrise. The fast begins with day. Traditionally, the fasting woman does no housework. Women apply henna and other cosmetics. Relatives and friends are met. In some regions, it is customary to give and exchange painted clay pots filled with put bangles, ribbons, home-made candy, cosmetics and small cloth items.

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In the evening, a community women-only ceremony is held. Gifting becomes an integral part of this festivity. A typical Indian household is buzzing with people and gifts ranging from dry fruits, beauty products to spa gift hampers, and other utility items. Such gifts are cherished and rejoiced during this occasion. Just like this day brings lots of hopes and happiness to our women folk, brings forth exciting range of gift offers to enjoy and celebrate with.

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