Go green with Diwali gifts

Diwali is a festival which is anticipated with baited breath. Lights, family gatherings, sweets and lots of merrymaking are what go on in a typical Indian household. Along with the fun, accompany crackers and sparklers. With the advent of technological advancements Diwali now has turned into a festival of noise.

Traditionally Diwali was the celebration of lights to obtain light from an organic source such as diyas (clay light) to put around the house. But today the scenario is quite the contrary.

Nevertheless, times are changing, people are more aware now. Many households are switching to organic and eco friendly crackers. Today we tell you some knick knacks of celebrating a harmless Diwali;

  • If thinking exotic stuff involves leaving the trail of your carbon footprints, simply pick a green gift like a colorful jute apparel or jute accessories like bags, cases, table mats et al.
  • Use of cloth or jute for wrapping gifts instead of paper or silver foil makes the gift organic and green. Also it adds on to the authenticity and elegance of the diwali gift.
happy green diwali!
happy green diwali!

  • Organic gifts like exotic herbal soaps and creams, special teas, gourmet chocolates, spices, plants and flower seeds etc are in vogue.
  • Making green corners at home. Bring in plants and less power consuming lights to reduce the pollution happening around. Decorate your home with natural or organic lights like scented candles and diyas.
  • Also instead of bursting crackers, we must try gifting some natural and utility stuff to our near and dear ones.  There is a plethora of options everywhere around to validate that. From gift hampers to divine items and sweets to leather essentials. There are a ton of other varieties in order to go green while choosing diwali gifts.

It not only decreases the pollution level but also adds on to a feel good factor. So this Diwali pledge to go green and make Diwali special and happy. And in case you are still in doubt visit us at gogappa.com.