A Guide To Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees

This guide is a must read for you if you will be giving a Diwali corporate gift for your employees.

Human Resources is the backbone of any organisation and thus you should never miss out on any opportunity to show them that you truly value them. We are sure that employee rewards and recognition is a part of your corporate calendar. As an another opportunity, you should also put festival gifts on your agenda and assign budget appropriately. In India, the biggest gifting happens around Diwali and is an ideal time to buy a gift. Thus choosing a diwali corporate gift for employee should be a must do on your list.

Our experts have put down a detailed guide to help you choose a perfect gift for your employee, this Diwali. You can follow the tips in this guide to easily select a gift that will be a hit.

Give something personalised with their name

Giving something that is personalised and has their name is a 100% precious gift for the recipient. According to our survey results, no one would ever throw away a product that has their name on it. Once you personalise something, you make it truly theirs. Thus this Diwali, you should select a corporate gift that is personalised with your employees name.

Give them something that will help them at work

A business essential that your employees can use at work is a thoughtful gesture. It will be something that they will be using everyday and thus will remember the occasion that they received it on. It will also be noticed by the new employees, who might have joined after Diwali and will give them a feeling that their new employer truly cares about their employees.

Give a diwali corporate gift that shows your company branding

When employees love their workplace, it does reflect in their work. These employees are so passionate that they would in fact use company merchandise whenever possible. They are proud of the place they work at. Thus whenever you give a Diwali corporate gift to your employee with your company branding, it will be something that they will surely use and show off whenever possible.

Say no to dry fruits and sweets as a diwali corporate gift for employees

Dry fruits and sweets are so 19th century Diwali corporate gifts. Majority of the employees are very health conscious these days, and they tend to avoid sweets and dry fruits. Thus these kind of gifts either gets regifted and thrown away. Additionally, as there is no branding that you can possibly do on a dry fruit, it is something that is a very forgettable Diwali gift.

Say no to gift cards for diwali corporate gifting for employees

Gift cards as Diwali corporate gift for employees are bad in many ways. First of all they say that I couldn’t decide a gift and thus am giving a cash equivalent and you can buy something yourself. Secondly they have 0% your branding. Forget the branding part, the chance is that you won’t even know what someone bought from the gift card that you gave. “Diapers for their babies!” Is that a Diwali corporate gift that you intended ?

Don’t leave it to chance. Give smart and choose a gift with your branding.

Give your employee a diwali gift that does not hurt their religious sentiments

Your employees undoubtedly must be from a diverse background. It will be prudent to make sure that the Diwali corporate gift for your employees, does not have any component which can be termed as religious. Idols and religious scriptures are something should not be there on your corporate giving list.

This way, you will make sure that everyone feels included and there is no hurting of religious sentiments for anyone in your team.