How many watches should I own?

The long-established rule of elegant dressing recommends three watches or more. That is, as many routine variations as exists in a classic lifestyle. Namely, a dress watch for every day that will take you through the day to night. This is the most minimalist watch that you could wear with any formal attire. A watch with a metal band is considered less formal. So it goes well for an informal outing.  A diving watch or a digital watch will do the trick when you are feeling sporty or adventurous. But does this classic rule apply in today’s day and age too?

While these three watches are classic requirements, you could have more variations depending on your lifestyle. For instance, you could go with a luxury watch, for important occasions. A field watch is great if you are a passionate explorer. While you are at it, don’t forget to ensure your watches are well-cared for. Watches last longer, when stored in the right condition. Typically, experts suggest going with a leather watch organiser as it’s durable & gentle with your watches.