How to Pack a Suitcase Without Wrinkles

How to pack a suitcase without wrinkles

What could be worse than visiting a foreign land with wrinkled clothes? Probably many things, but this one is up there with them. And the embarrassment magnifies if your travel comes with a higher purpose such as work or a wedding to attend.

Travelling with an iron or a steamer is unnecessary and can make your bag heavy. Waking up 15 mins early to do so, is unnecessary too. There is an art to packing without wrinkles and guess what? It’s super easy. So let’s find out how to pack a suitcase without wrinkles!

Method 1 of 3 – Folding

How to pack wrinkle free-folding

Button and zip up all your pants and shirts. Lay the shirts upside down on a flat surface and smooth out the creases by hand. Put a layer of plastic and fold in both the arms along with a part of the side of the shirt so that it forms a rectangle. Put another layer of plastic, fold up a third of the shirt from the bottom and a third from the top. Do this for all shirts and T-shirts. Now, for the pants. Fold the pants lengthwise and put a layer of plastic. Now fold a third up from the bottom and a third from the waistband. Do this for all pants.

Method 2 of 3 – Rolling

How to pack wrinkle free-rolling

Rolling is a great way to optimally utilise the space available and is often combined with folding to fill in the gaps in the suitcase. First, fold the shirt till it becomes a rectangle as explained above, then add another layer of plastic and fold it once more lengthwise. Finally, roll up to the collar. Repeat for all shirts. As for the pants, fold each lengthwise, add a layer of plastic and roll up from the cuff. Alternatively, you can stack all the shirts and pants separately in 2 heaps and roll them all up together too.

Note: Also works well without plastic.

Method 3 of 3 – Stacking

Get ALL your clothes together in one place.

Method 3

Zip up and button all the pants and shirts. Stack them all in the suitcase one on top of the other without folding – starting from the most likely to be wrinkled to the least likely. Collars and waistbands should touch one end of the suitcase and the sleeves, pantlegs and skirt lengths should be dangling outside the suitcase. Now, create a ‘pillow’, preferably using a bag of nylon or plastic – comprising of your delicates, swimwear or toiletries – and place it in the middle of this stack. Begin wrapping the sleeves, pantlegs and skirts neatly upon this ‘pillow’ and work your way downwards i.e. towards the first item you stacked. To make it more organised, you can also create separate stacks of shirts and pants. Once you are at your destination either hang all your clothes in the room closet or unwrap and lift the pile down to the item you want and then put the pile back on top of it.

Note: This works best with a rectangular/ square suitcase.

Let’s get packing!

Neatly place your pile of folded clothes or stacks in your suitcase. Fill in the gaps between the clothes and the sides of the suitcase with the items you rolled, your shoes, socks, belts, etc. The idea is to not leave out any gaps as that would lead to wrinkles.


  1. Place the heaviest item at that part of the suitcase which would be closest to the ground when the bag would be standing up.
  2. Plastic can be substituted with tissue paper and is used to reduce friction between clothes ( because of its slippery texture) which is one of the prime causes for wrinkling.
  3. Each stacked, folded or rolled article of clothing can be placed inside yet another plastic bag to further avoid friction.
  4. Put shoes and toiletries in separate plastic bags and putting socks inside shoes saves space.
  5. Fabrics that are least likely to be wrinkled are nylon, polyester, microfiber, spandex, acrylic, acetate and lycra.
  6. Pack your pajamas last otherwise you may disrupt the entire arrangement trying to look for them when you reach your destination.
  7. Both over-packing and under-packing can lead to wrinkly clothes; so try reaching an ideal level of items to carry that would fit like a jigsaw puzzle in your suitcase.

How to pack wrinkle free-how to stack

So, we hope you now know how to pack clothes in suitcase without wrinkles. Which method works best for you will come out of a trial-and-error basis. But we would love to hear from you and if you found this article interesting do let us know in the comments! Bon voyage! 🙂

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