How to prepare for an International Flight and Travel Smart

Travelling tips for an international flight

Are you prepared for your international flight? As the convention goes, it is assumed that an international flight will be uncomfortable and tiresome. However, the level of comfort majorly depends on how well you are prepared for it in advance. Check out some hands-on tips for first-time travelers on how to prepare for an international flight along with some interesting hacks that even the frequent travelers often miss out on.

How to not get in trouble when flying international:


1) Reach Early: The first move, to avoid any trouble, is to reach early. Reaching early is equivalent to solving half your problems. Not only will you have enough time to solve any issue that might come your way, but it also boosts up the confidence of first-time travelers. The security at the International airports is usually way more strict as compared to domestic airports. First-time traveler or not, assume that it is going to take a lot of time for the security check and plan ahead accordingly. Ideally, reaching at least an hour before time would be good enough.

2) Stay updated about the changes: Once you have reached the airport, check if your flight is on time. Changes in timings aren’t unusual, it is always better to be sure of how much time you have to kill. Make sure that you carry a book or some other form of entertainment to pass time at the airport.

3) Finish your calls: Lastly, when you know how much time you have before the flight, make all your phone calls and messages. Most of us are already aware that phones aren’t allowed during the flight journey, but often forget till it’s too late to make any calls.

How to prepare your gadgets for an international flight:


1) Carry extra batteries – Charging your battery 100% never helps all the way towards the end. It is always advisable to either invest in an extra set of battery or carry a portable charger. It will be handy throughout the travel.

2) Entertainment – While you might have strong urges to pack up your device with movies and music you like, it isn’t the most important thing you should invest your time in. In flight entertainment almost always keeps you busy. However, as a backup entertainment option you can always have a movie or two.

3) Theft-Protection – You might think that thefts at the airport would be rare. It isn’t however as true as you might think. Be careful with your luggage. Cover your gadgets well and make sure you have activated anti-theft applications available online. If you are confused about how to pack your gadgets and other valuables, check out our article on “Carry On vs Checked Luggage: Travel Packing Basics”.

What to wear for an international flight?


International flights are often long in duration. The best way to make yourself comfortable is to travel light. Right from your clothes to your shoes, ensure that your outfit is comfortable even if you wear them for long hours. Preferably wear or carry a pair of socks too.  The cabin pressure in the flight is low and can cause discomfort in your feet. Some people carry cotton balls, to protect your ears from hurting during take off. But usually cotton is available on request.

What to carry when flying international?


You might have packed well for the trip, but make sure that you have everything set for the journey to packing tips for air travel journey:

1) During the entry: You will require a photo identity card when entering the port so keep it in an easily accessible area. Also carry a few chewing gum as it is said to help you in not feeling too sick during the take-off, as well as landing.

2) During the luggage check-in: Before checking in your luggage ensure that you have marked your luggage. There have been many cases of luggage exchange during travel. People often don’t consider that the possibility of two bags looking similar. Same is the case with the passport. Marking your passport and luggage helps in this case. You can even opt for a luggage tag and enter your contact information to help the finder reach you when you lose your luggage. As far as your Passport is concerned, you may want to differentiate it with a decent passport holder, especially if you wish to avoid marking it in any other unwarranted method.

3) During the journey: When in flight it is good to have a few chewing gums accessible as it is said to help you in not feeling too sick during the take-off, as well as landing. Also, flight food has a reputation for being tasteless, so you may want to pack some snacks too for the flight. Especially if you are in the habit of having snacks between the meals.


Make sure that your luggage follows the airline rules. Read up on the 3-1-1  rule by TSA and also the maximum weight allowed for luggage to ensure that you have packed your carry on as well as checked in luggage accordingly. Still confused about how to pack? Read more in our article on “how to pack luggage for air travel”.

These were some basic tips, to follow for a comfortable flight. If you wish to share some interesting tips with our readers, we have the comment box for you right below!

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