List of Designer Bags | Purses You’d Want To Invest In

Bags will always come and go, but only the best  stand the test of time. A handbag is a very important accessory for most women, so are they even worth it if they’re not of great quality? We believe that every fashionista has their own favourite bag, but if you’re looking for a stylish, yet durable bag then this list is for you. If you want to invest in the best of bags, then check out this list of designer bags we curated especially for you.

List of Designer Bags

  1. Ted Baker
  2. Dune London
  3. Kenneth Cole
  4. Michael Kors
  5. Vanessa Bruno
  6. Kate Spade
  7. Zac Posen
  8. Tory Burch
  9. Muun
  10. Furla
  11. Oscar de la Renta
  12. Jardine of London
  13. Dolce & Gabbana
  14. Miu Miu
  15. Chloe
  16. Valentino
  17. Celine
  18. Hermes
  19. Gucci
  20. Fendi
  21. Chanel

1. Ted Baker – Vallcon Bow Detail Large Icon Bag

Image Courtesy: Ted Baker

Ted Baker initially started out as an all male brand, but in 1995 Ted Baker Women was launched. The Vallcon Bow Detail large bag is the perfect shopper bag for a day out and also has a small bow on the front.

For just £40, you can have this extremely stylish shopper bag all to yourself.

2. Dune London – Devvon Yellow Flower Applique Handbag

Image Courtesy: Dune London


The Devvon Yellow flower applique bag is a stunning yellow bag that not only holds all of your essentials, but it looks great doing that too. This flap bag makes a great everyday carry, or if you want to save it for just special occasions, it works perfectly well for those too.

This flap bag only costs you £85.00, and it just might be worth it.

3. Kenneth Cole – Ellie Floral Printed Tote

Image Courtesy: Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole’s Ellie floral printed tote may look like a pretty ordinary bag, but this amazing bag with enough space to store anything you want. The double handles make it easier to carry and they may be big, but they’re incredibly spacious and work well as an everyday carry.

For just $99.00 this amazing tote can be your new favourite.

4. Michael Kors – Malibu Palm Embroidered Woven Straw Crossbody

Image Courtesy: Michael Kors

Michael Kors is known for his stylish outfits and handbags, and the Malibu Palm embroidered woven straw crossbody is no less. Woven from natural straw this bag is the perfect companion for a day out at the beach, you can even wear across the body.

This straw messenger could be yours, for as much as $228.00.

5. Vanessa Bruno – Gemma Flap Bag

Image Courtesy: Vanessa Bruno

This Gemma flap bag by Vanessa Bruno is a casual and comfortable bag for an easy day out, a stroll across the park, or a quick run to the supermarket. The harmony between the leather and the cotton is so stunning, it actually brings out the colours of the bag.

Make this amazing Gemma flap bag yours, for just 297€.

6. Kate Spade – California Dreaming Surf 3d Van

Image Courtesy: Kate Spade

Kate Spade has always been known for her quirky handbags, and the California dreaming surf 3d van is just that. This fun, and colourful bag is a clutch with a zipper closure and has enough space for you to store your basic essentials.

So make this bag yours, for just $358.00 and live in the moment!

7. Zac Posen – Eartha Iconic Convertible Backpack Striped

Image Courtesy: Zac Posen

This colourful backpack by Zac Posen makes a wonderfully colourful backpack for all of your adventures, and can also double as your work bag with enough space to store your work essentials with ease.

Make this stunning Eartha iconic convertible backpack striped yours, for just $ 395.00.

8. Tory Burch – Perforated Bucket Bag

Image Courtesy: Tory Burch

This perforated bucket bag by Tory Burch is a simple yet stylish bag. A unique bag for your essentials, this features an opening and a single strap that you can wear crossbody.

Find this amazing bucket bag and make it yours, for just $419.

9. Muun – Louise Myoso

Image Courtesy: Muun

This bucket bag is stark white and is crafted from Italian vegetable pit tanning leathers. With handles for you to hold and wear across, this bucket bag also doubles as a crossbody bag for comfortable wear. The leather on this bag will eventually develop a soft patina, adding nothing but even more beauty to this.

So make the Louis Myoso yours, for just €440.

10. Furla – Furla Metropolis

Image Courtesy: Furla

This Furla bag is your perfect solution to carrying everything you need without having a bulky purse. While it would make an amazing work bag, this flap bag also doubles up as a crossbody for a casual day out.

Make the Furla metropolis yours, for just $528.00.

11. Oscar de la Renta – Tweed Rogan Bow Box Clutch

Image Courtesy: Oscar de la Renta


This amazing tweed rogan bow box clutch is a a little different compared to la Renta’s style and makes the perfect evening or casual clutch due to its unique pattern, and this frame has just enough space in it for all of your evening essentials.

So make this stunning frame clutch yours £603.

12. Jardine of London – The Large ‘Queen’ Bag

Image Courtesy: Jardine of London

This large Queen bag by Jardine is a stunning flap bag big enough to essentials required on a daily basis, because of its large size this would also make the best work bag for you.

Make this bag yours, for just £695.00.

13. Dolce & Gabbana – Cleo Bag with Printed Nappa Leather

Image Courtesy: Dolce and Gabbana

This quirky bag is the perfect sling bag for a casual day out. Resembling what looks like the last page of every teens notebook, this sling bag is as fun and quirky as it gets. Add a bit of fun to your outfit with this bag, with enough space for all of your essentials and it can be worn across the body.

Make this Cleo bag with printed nappa leather yours, for just $1,295.

14. Miu Miu – Miu Lady Denim Bag

Image Courtesy: Miu Miu

This flap bag from Miu Miu has been crafted using leather and cotton giving you the illusion of denim. This casual sling is accentuated with a bejeweled buckle. This doubles as a evening bag as well as an everyday carry.

So make this Miu lady denim bag yours, for just €1466.

15. Chloe – Small Roy Bucket Bag

Image Courtesy: Chloe

This simple yet stylish bucket bag from Chloe is the best bag for a casual day out for you, due to its shape and large size, this bucket bag can accommodate all of your everyday essentials. It can be carried for every occasion, and due to the detachable long straps, this bag can be worn or carried in multiple ways.

Make this small Roy bucket bags, yours for just US$ 1,570.

16. Valentino – Rockstud Spike Medium Chain Bag

Image Courtesy: Valentino

All of Valentino’s products have an edge to it, they stand out and are unconventionally beautiful. The Rockstud spike medium chain bag is just that and so much more. Wear it crossbody for a casual day out, or carry it as a clutch for an evening out.

For only US$ 2,125.00, this clutch/sling bag can be your new fashion accessory.

17. Celine – Micro Luggage Handbag

Image Courtesy: Celine

This leather handbag is a Celine classic. The perfect carry on on any of your trips, or a nice, sturdy work bag, this bag works well in every situation. Due to its size, it is extremely spacious and can store all of your essentials without looking, or feeling bulky.

Make this Celine Micro luggage handbag yours, for just 2900 USD.

18. Hermes – Citron clutch

Image Courtesy: Hermes

The citron clutch from Hermes, is a nice fun take on a refreshing style of bags. This quirky clutch has enough space to store all of your essentials, and if you need to, it is small enough to fit inside your purses.

Make this fun, quirky, and refreshing clutch yours, for just $2,950.

19. Gucci – Sylvie Embroidered Small Shoulder Bag

Image Courtesy: Gucci

Gucci is known for their eccentric style, this embroidered shoulder bag definitely stands out. The embroidered pattern are the first thing your eyes wander to because of the amazing white leather bringing it out a lot more. Perfect for every occasion, this flap bag is a mixture of modern and historic pieces of Gucci.

So make this stunning Sylvie embroidered small shoulder bag yours, for just $ 3,100.

20. Fendi – KAN I

Image Courtesy: Fendi

While Fendi’s most popular bags are the ‘baguettes’, this gorgeous printed Kan I flap bag is a refreshing bag that features two pockets in a gusseted department for all of your essentials. This bag can double up as a cross body bag, or a clutch by simply removing the straps.

Make this fun, and quirky Kan I flap bag by Fendi, yours, for just $3,390.00.

21. Chanel – 2.55 Handbag

Image Courtesy: Chanel

Chanel always has an interesting collection and by the looks of handbag we’re not far off. This 2.55 handbag is perfect of every kind of setting, with enough place for you to store your evening essentials, and a unique look this handbag will make you stand out, with the numerous charms on it.

Make this amazing minaudiere yours, for just $5,500.