What are the three W’s of maintaining a luxury watch?

Your luxury watch is probably one of your most valued possessions. Same as any other good investment, they need to be looked after and maintained. Here are the three Ws to keep your luxury timepieces intact for generations to come.

Where to store my watch?

No matter how well-engineered a watch is. Your luxury watch deserves to be handled delicately. Store it in a soft surfaced watch organiser with the dial facing upside. Same as great leather straps in watches make them more durable, a watch box organizer crafted from leather too is ideal for luxury watches. Invest in a good leather watch holder that you can trust your watch with.

When to service my watch?

For most people, decreased accuracy in the watch is the most evident sign that it needs servicing. However, your luxury watch needs to be serviced regularly regardless of its performance. A maximum gap of three years between two servicing is considered ideal. Also, routine service session with an authorised dealer ensures that all the components of your watch are up and intact.

When do I need to wind my watches?

Just like your other gadgets, a regular reboot does your luxury watch a great deal well. The classic hand-winding mechanism continues to exist for a very good reason. Regularly wind your watches using the hand-winding mechanism and if your luxury watch came with a date mechanism, regularly use the date corrector along with the winding. Finally, make sure you don’t push the date corrector close to midnight.