Money Clip -The Wallet Revolution

As time elapsed mankind progressed. Technology grew and inventions and discoveries took place. Some of the phenomena were discovered accidentally while some took years to develop. We skim through one of the most important and basic necessities of mankind today. The wallet.

Let’s have a look at how we went

From thisfat-wallet

To this


We all are guilty of the infamous fat wallet. Not only is it unhealthy but also has a high risk of exploding unexpectedly unleashing a torrent of receipts, coupons, and cash. Our wallet is never big enough, because we just can’t help fill it up until it breaks. The trick lies in the fact that instead of buying a bigger wallet to fit more get a smaller wallet to fit less.

And as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, that’s how the money clip wallet was born.

These are specially designed for you to carry basic necessities – the credit cards you use most, a bit of cash, an ID card for work etc – and still fit into your back (or front) pocket.  Comfort and style aside, they are also secure and primed for quick access to your cards.

For more options on how to get that look, check out

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