Jewellery Care: 5 tips to care for your bling while travelling

It’s the summer vacations (yay!) and we hope you’re all geared up to go places for a relaxing holiday, free from incessant traffic jams, never-ending work hours, and screaming children. And of course, you’ll want to take your best friends with you – jewellery. No matter what kind of jewellery you opt to take with you, whether it’s your mum’s diamond earrings, charm bracelets, or those rings you never take off, it needs to be taken good care of and protected.  Jewellery is precious, and does hold a lot of emotional value too, so we’ve brought to you this concise little list of things to remember when you take your jewellery on a trip with you.


jewelry on woman


1) Start out on the way out :

Instead of packing all of your jewellery into your suitcase with shining greed in your eyes, sit back and think about which pieces you don’t really need. Maybe it’s not the best idea to take your most expensive diamond set with you (but those silver earrings that go with every outfit seem like a great choice.) Choose only jewellery that you’ll actually wear while travelling and which doesn’t have high financial or sentimental value, just as a safeguard in case of loss.

2) Intoxicate your ornaments:


alcohol wipes for jewellery care


When your jewellery needs to be polished or cleaned, use alcohol wipes (found at pharmacies) to clean them. These wipes can be stored in your handbag or purse, and a gentle wiping motion will effectively get rid of any dirt or oils that get onto your jewellery. A handy trick to boost your jewellery care regimen, this is something you can do on the go.

3) Box ‘em: jewellery care with ring case Stuffing your jewellery into plastic ziplock bags or pouches isn’t the smartest way to go about it. It brings forth the risk of scratches, breakage, and every jewellery owner’s nightmare – necklace tangles. Use individual soft pouches for you jewellery and label them instead; but if they take up too much space, you could always opt for the best way to do it – jewellery boxes. Select a travel case with soft inner lining that has special compartments for different types of jewellery and which can fit easily into your handbag. Now you can pick out whatever you want to wear instead of plunging your hand into a jungle of necklaces and finding a piece of last-night’s leftover pizza.

4) Wear jewellery that suits where you go:

If you’re planning on hitting some beaches, then you should probably just leave your jewellery at home or at the hotel. Getting water on metals may tarnish them, and sand may also leave irreparable scratches. Also, if you accidentally end up getting sploshes of sunscreen on your jewellery, it may begin to look lifeless. Don’t wear jewellery that gets easily scratched when you’re going on a desert safari either. Sand can be quite cruel.


jewellery care for women
5) Loss prevention:

Your jewellery is almost always at risk of theft or misplacement. When you’re at the airport, make sure that you keep your jewellery in your handbag or carry-on, where it’s under your vigilance all the time. At the hotel, use the safe or a locker-friendly jewellery box with safety locks. Account for each and every piece you carry with you, and take pictures of them to be extra safe. Hey, prevention is better than cure, right?

Now that you have these cool tips to make your jewellery a seasoned traveler just like you, we hope you’ll be more careful around your trinkets. Be as attentive in jewellery care as you are in jewellery wear! After all, who’s going to make Neelu aunty in Dubai envious of that necklace you just bought? Bon voyage, from Gogappa!

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6 Chocolate Creations that will Amaze you

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to explore this delectable topic further. Chocolate has been drunk since 1900 BC, and has evolved into many forms and figures, and mixed with a number of other foods to make new and innovative concoctions that might just be the next world favourite. Let’s not forget the rather unpleasant combinations however, which include onions, pickles, seaweed, squid, and insects. Not so tempting now, eh?
Chocolate has been moulded into different forms and this molding has become an art, just like butter or sand sculptures. We’re fascinated with all the things that can be done with this godly treat that has the whole world kneeling, and we’d like to bring to you some of the quirkiest chocolate creations around.


1) Chocolate Dress


chocolate creations dress


This dress, made by the German bakery Lambertz and modeled by German model Alena Gerber, is made entirely of chocolate. This was a part of the chocolate dress presentation during the company’s annual event in Munich, Germany in 2011. Not only are we extremely envious of Alena, we’d also like to demand an explanation as to why she didn’t eat it immediately. Outrageous.


2) Chocolate mailbox


chocolate mailbox


Godiva, the heavenly Belgian chocolate makers, made this mailbox completely out of chocolate as a 2011 Valentine’s Day stint in New York City. People were actually able to put in love letters, which Godiva posted on their behalf. Now, only if we could do something like that here, without people spray painting “Raju loves Neelam” signs over it.


3) Chocolate Ferrari


chocolate creations - ferrari


This one’s a winner. Not only is it made entirely of Belgian chocolate, it’s also modeled after a Ferrari, AND painted on top of to make it look cooler. Which it totally does.
Weighing in at 1999 pounds, this was made by the Pasticceri Italiani club in Sorento, Italy. This is one car we wouldn’t mind crashing.


4) Chocolate Shoes


chocolate creations shoes

chocolate nikes
Take your pick – sporty or chic? The heels were made by Phil Neal of the West London chocolate shop Theobroma Cacao, and are handcrafted from Venezuelan chocolate. The Nikes on the other hand, were made by +41 for Nik
e Air Force 1’s 25th anniversary with milk and white chocolate.


5) Chocolate Sofa


chocolate sofa




Food artist Prudence Staite was commissioned by Mars to make this sofa for its Galaxy brand in 2009. They also had actress Emilia Fox to pose on this sofa with a book for their reading initiative, “Irresistible Reads” at Victoria Embankment Gardens, London. Prudence is a rather ironic name for someone who works with chocolate, isn’t it?


6) Chocolate Room


chocolate room



In a shopping mall in Vilnius, Lithuania on Valentine’s Day 2011, the mall-goers were presenting this marvelous creation – a room constructed entirely out of chocolate. It used up 611 pounds and was made by seven people in a space of 17 square meters. It’s like living in chocolate! LIVING IN CHOCOLATE.

Well, maybe you can’t eat these creations, but you definitely can settle in with a box of chocolate treats and try arranging them on top of each other to make a tower or something to feel better about your artistic abilities. Or you could just eat them up all at once and sit back with gooey hands, reveling in your sugar overload session. Happy eating from GoGappa!


gogappa chocolates




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10 Gifts You Shouldn’t Give Your Wife

    A gift can convey your intentions as well as your perception of the receiver. It is always a good idea to be thoughtful especially when it comes to gifting your wife. There are many gift guides on the internet waiting to inspire you. We are here to change that and save you from the brunt of handling an unhappy wife. Here are 10 gifts you shouldn’t give your wife.


Worst Gift for Wife


Self help books or videos: Don’t you think she’s perfect the way she is? We bet you do; then why gift her a self improvement book? She might have expressed her desire to buy a Power Yoga Guide in the past but that does not mean you get it for her. She believes you accept her the way she is and a gift like that can make her think otherwise. Little things can hurt a woman even if you don’t mean it. So gift her something that will boost her confidence rather than hinder it.


Self Help Book - Worst Gifts for Wife


Second hand things: Your mother’s bangles or your great grandmother’s necklace can convey your trust and commitment to her but nothing can beat a gift bought especially for her. Get her a new necklace or something that will solely belong to her. Give her something meaningful that will also express your feelings towards her. She will love it because you made an effort.


Second Hand Gifts - Worst Gifts for Wife


Video Games: Avoid this gift option unless your wife is a hard core gamer. This might seem silly but there are men who still gift their wives play stations and gaming accessories. She may have played a game or two before you two got married. She is no longer your girlfriend and things have changed, accept that. She has errands to run and may not entertain the idea unless she chooses to.


Video Games - Worst Gifts for Wife


A Pet: A pet is a liability, believe it or not. You need to be committed to handle that kind of a responsibility. She must have told you how much she loves puppies and little kittens. She even enjoys walking the neighbor’s dog but none of these instances prove she is ready to have her own pet. Marley and Me was a touching movie; limit it to that. Unless she has been nagging you to get her one, avoid gifting her a pet.


Pets - Worst Gifts for Wife


Plastic Surgery: Does your wife look in the mirror and say, “I wish I were thinner” or “If only I had a body like Kim Kardashian”? The quest for perfection is observed in almost every species and humans specifically women top that list. Gifting her a tummy tuck, a nose job or an augmentation might seem like a fine idea to you. Let me break it to you, it’s not! Instead, remind her of how beautiful she is and her flaws only make her unique. Such compliments can go a long way to raise her self esteem.


Plastic Surgery - Worst Gifts for Wife


Something you like but she doesn’t: You read novels, she prefers movies. If that’s your story, give her a DVD of ‘A Walk to Remember’ instead of gifting her the book. Consider her likes and dislikes before selecting a gift. Something you like may or may not impress her. If you gift her a Golf set and end up using it more that her, it will portray you as being selfish. She may feel the gift was always meant for you and not for her. Present her with something she desires and not what you desire.


Worst Gifts for Wife


Clothes: Now this one’s tricky. Women love clothes and spend a considerable amount of their time and money on shopping. A pretty dress will blow her mind but there’s a catch to this. If the dress is too tight, she will assume she is fat and if it’s too loose, she will be embarrassed. Sizes fluctuate and if you still want to take the risk of gifting her clothes, sneak into her closet and check for her most recent size. This gift can be a huge hit or an enormous fail.


Clothes - Worst Gifts for Wife


Soft Toys: As cute as they are, soft toys are strictly for kids and teens. If your wife is a fan of stuffed teddy bears and pandas, chances are she already has a room full of them. Appreciate the woman she is now and leave behind the child she once was. Gift her something in accordance with her personality.


Soft Toys - Worst Gifts for Wife


Tickets to your favorite events: Watching a cricket match live in the stadium might be a big deal for you; for her it isn’t. She probably likes going out for movies and concerts but of her choice. Don’t take her to a Metallica Concert if she likes Katy Perry or a Wrestling Match if she likes Opera. Your aim is to make her happy so do things her way.


Worst Gifts for Wife


Nothing: If your wife tells you she wants nothing and it’s fine if you don’t get her a gift; don’t believe her. Chances are she expects you to surprise her. Giving her nothing is the worst thing you could do. Even if your gift is not on par with her expectations, she will appreciate the gesture. Make sure you get her something even if it’s a small box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses.


No gift - Worst Gifts for Wife


Now that you know what not to gift her, do yourself a favor and check Gogappa for some amazing gift ideas that will sweep her off her feet.


10 Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind

Anyone can achieve peace of mind. It may seem difficult at first but with dedication, your work is already half done. Life is not a jar of candy. There are bitter sweet moments that can lift you up or pull you down. In spite of life’s ever changing nature, we can achieve stability in mind. Here are 10 ways to achieve a calm, tranquil and peaceful mind.




Choose to be happy: Life cannot always be hunky dory. You will be faced with problems at every point. Don’t expect things to go your way. Instead, try to remain happy and content with everything life offers. Being content doesn’t mean you settle for something lesser. Go out and chase your dreams but achieve it with positivity and have realistic expectations. Take a piece of paper and write down ten things that you are grateful for. Do this every day and notice the change. This is proven to induce a feeling of happiness and satisfaction among individuals.

Expect the unexpected: Be practical. Do not expect too much from yourself or the people around you. Setting unfeasible goals, puts people under stress. When expectations are not met, people feel disappointed. Another thing worth remembering is that, people won’t give you as much as you give them. So it’s best to not think about that and carry on with your life. Sow the seeds but don’t expect to eat the fruits.

Ignore the haters: People will talk. They have the right to speech and look how well they are using it. What they think about you is none of your business. It is said, when folks talk ill about you shut them up by doing something great. That might be a good idea but why care? Their opinion of you doesn’t define you. Spend your time on productive tasks and achieve peace of mind.

Make peace with your past: The past is called the past for a reason. It will never come back, so get over it. Make peace with it once and for all. This might not be easy but over time you will learn to look ahead and leave the bygone. Live in the present and enjoy every moment.

Believe in yourself: The world might break you down and make you feel undeserving. You know yourself better than them so be confident. If they say “You can’t”, show them “You can”. Try maintaining a diary. Write down your journey and also dedicate a section to ‘Things you love about yourself’. Read that section whenever you feel low. This will instantly motivate you.


Make peace with the past


Make a change: One spark can start a fire. Keeping this in mind, try to do something for the benefit of others. Spread knowledge. If you have a skill, teach it to others. Even a small act of kindness can go a long way. In doing so, you not only make others happy but also bring joy to yourself.  Being of service to others will make you feel peaceful and calm.

Take up a hobby: So you like to sing or maybe dance? A hobby is an activity that gives one pleasure. You don’t need to work all the time, spend some time enjoying yourself. If you are interested in acting, take some lessons that will help you. In this way you will not only learn but also have a great time. Doing something you love puts your mind at ease.

Make time for family and friends: You are not alone. There are people who are willing to give you their time and support. Spend a day with your family and friends. Go for a movie, have dinner together, make a trip, there are so many options. Staying close to people who love you will boost your confidence and also help you achieve peace of mind.

Avoid Over thinking: Over thinking is the root of all evil. It has the ability to create problems that didn’t even exist in the first place. Over thinking includes over analyzing situations and trying to find answers to everything. You don’t need to know everything so give it a rest. Same way, when something is done, it has been done. Scrutinizing and trying to find errors in past and present decisions will do no good.  If over thinking is a major hindrance, visit a counselor who can help you.

Meditate: Last but not the least, meditate. Get in touch with your spiritual side. Relax your mind and do away with all your thoughts. Concentrate on your breathing, the air that comes in when you inhale and the air that goes out when you exhale. You can meditate in your own way. Connect with the divine, use incenses, candles, and Buddha idols whatever suits you. This method will surely help you achieve peace and serenity.


Buddha Idol from Gogappa - Peace of Mind
Serene Meditating Gautam Buddha Idol from Gogappa


Peace is a desirable state of mind. Achieve it through various means including meditation. Explore Gogappa’s online store for products that will assist in your journey towards enlightenment. There are Buddha Idols, candles, incenses, divinity hampers and lots more.


Leather Care – A Necessity

    Technically speaking, leather is animal hide that undergoes a process called tanning. It looks classy and sophisticated; the reason why people purchase it. Leather items will cost you a pretty penny.  As it ages, it tends to lose some of its protective agents infused at the time of manufacture.  Hence, it becomes imperative to care for it and extend its shelf life.  Here are the four stages of leather care.


Leather Care
Leather Care



  • Avoid cleaning products that will strip away the leather’s natural lubricating oils. Consulting a sales person can help.
  • Avoid cleansers that leave grease or residue of any kind. A build-up of residue can make the leather vulnerable to bacteria. This will do more harm than good.
  • Test any product before you use it on the item. You can do a patch test on a less visible area. Check for any color distortions after a few minutes.
  • Make sure your items are dust-free. Regular cleaning is a must.
  • Air-dry wet leather, avoid heat.
  • When drying the item, stuff the garment to retain its shape.
  • Do not use household items to clean leather. There are specific cleansing products available in the market only for leather.
  • If you notice any mildew growth on the leather item, make a solution of water and rubbing alcohol.  Use a clean cloth dipped in the solution to wipe the mildew.
  • Almost all oil and grease stains can be treated by sprinkling Blackboard Chalk on the affected areas and leaving it on for a day.



  • Just like your hair needs conditioning, leather needs it too. Conditioners contain fats or oils that lubricate and replenish leather.
  • Avoid conditioners that leave behind residue.
  • Condition often. This becomes a necessity if your item has been through extreme sun exposure or moisture.
  • Apply some conditioner on damp leather. This will restore its flexibility.



  • Use a fine polishing agent to achieve a glossy finish.
  • Some products may contain coloring agents that may affect the leather’s natural color.
  • Always test products before use.
  • Animal fats and mink oil might darken leather so use only if needed.



  • Protection of leather items is an integral step. This step cannot be ignored if you are dedicated to maintaining it.
  • Protect your items from moisture and other liquid hazards. These hazards would include snow, rain and sweat.  Leather will crack and stiffen if not protected.
  • Avoid products that can clog pores. Accumulation of grease will make leather care a strenuous task.
  • Apply the protector only if the leather is clean and dry.
  • The extent of protection needed depends on the grade of leather. Most grades require specialized maintenance for which a professional would do justice.
  • Store items in cool and dry places.
  • Avoid plastic bags and other non porous covers for storage.
  • Don’t use metal hangers when hanging leather garments.


Leather is beautiful. The urge to own it is hard to resist. Now that you know how to effectively care for your leather items, why don’t you go ahead and satisfy your urge.

Browse through Gogappa’s collection of premium leather items.



Spa Therapy – A New Approach to Wellness

People in the 21st century live a fast paced life. Work schedules are hectic leaving no time for play. The lack of work-life balance has given rise to stress, anxiety and also depression.  At such times, Spas prove to be a haven for these tired souls. The element of physical touch especially from a professional makes people feel better. Spa Therapy exudes a healing effect that encourages overall well being. The services provided at a spa as well as the soothing products used provide a variety of benefits. Here are 10 advantages of Spa Therapy or Spa Healing.


Spa Therapy
Spa Therapy


De-stress and Relax: It is important to take a break and just relax for a while. Most people go on holidays far away from the hustle bustle of city life in order to relax. Spas give you the option of entering a serene place within the city and spending some ‘Me’ time. A therapeutic massage that includes physical contact will induce a soothing effect. You can immerse yourself in a hot tub or even take a steam bath to feel calm and comfortable.


Meditation Spa Therapy
Meditation Spa Therapy


Detoxification: Detoxification is the process of removing toxins from the body. We are exposed to chemicals every day. These chemicals accumulate in our body in the form of toxins. Our body has its own detoxification ritual. Organs like the lungs, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract aid in this activity. Certain Therapeutic mud exfoliate dead skin cells, increase circulation and also eliminate toxins. A detox can reduce bloating and water retention.


Spa Therapy - Detoxification
Spa Therapy – Detoxification


Improved Blood Circulation: Spa treatments like hydrotherapy, heat therapy and body massage can improve blood circulation and regulate blood pressure. A massage boosts circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn carries away waste products from the body.


Improved Blood Circulation with Spa Therapy
Improved Blood Circulation with Spa Therapy


Sense of Wellness and Well being: Massage is said to release a hormone called ‘Serotonin’. This is basically a ‘feel good’ hormone. Spa Therapy is a physical and mental stimulant that can induce self confidence. Taking care of your body and mind can significantly improve self-esteem. When you look and feel your best, you are ready to take on the world.


Boost Confidence with Spa Therapy
Boost Confidence with Spa Therapy


Reduce Muscle Pain: Spa Therapy and massage relieves muscle tension and cramps. A deep tissue massage can relax every part of the body. Certain treatments can address conditions such as arthritis, Fibromyalgia and nerve disorders. Many professional athletes and fitness freaks indulge in physical pampering and treatment programs at city spas.


Reduce Muscle Pain with Spa Therapy
Reduce Muscle Pain with Spa Therapy


Healthy Skin and Anti-Ageing: The process of ageing can be decelerated if proper care is taken of the body, mind and skin. Facials and other skin and body treatments can create a youthful appearance. Body polishes and body wraps exfoliate the skin, promote cellular renovation, rejuvenate and replenish the skin.


Slow-down Ageing with Spa Therapy
Slow-down Ageing with Spa Therapy


Flexibility and Breathing: Some spas offer Yoga and Pilates which helps to strengthen the respiratory system and enhance flexibility. Yoga is a discipline that includes breath control and meditation by adopting specific bodily postures. Pilates is a physical fitness system that increases muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.


Pilates - Spa Therapy
Pilates – Spa Therapy


Lose Weight: Body Contouring is a treatment offered by some spas which gives the body a beautiful shape and helps to shed those extra pounds. Besides this, Spas offer weight loss programs with different approaches. You can enroll at Destination Spas or health spas that specifically target weight issues.


The Luxurious Spa Hamper from Gogappa - Spa Therapy
The Luxurious Spa Hamper from Gogappa – Spa Therapy


The benefits of Spa Therapy can also be experienced at home. Spa and aromatherapy products are readily available at local outlets and online stores.  Spa hampers from Gogappa like A Luxurious Spa Hamper and Ultimate Relax Spa Hamper are a collection of some of the most reputable brands. Aromatherapy is another alternative healing technique that is advantageous. You can go through our blog post on Aromatherapy and its Benefits.





The Concise Travel Checklist for a Perfect Vacation

It’s the summer holidays, and most of you will want to go somewhere with your family or friends for a nice, long vacation. Will it be Goa this time, Ooty, Dubai, or London? Wherever you go, and whatever the weather is over there, there are a few things that are essential to all travelers on every trip, and we’re here to give you the low down on what you should carry on your vacation, in the form of a neat travel checklist. We’ll be brief and to the point. Pakka promise.




This is a checklist, so you can just print it out, or just use this page by itself to check all your travel essentials. Now you won’t have to sit on top of your luggage to shut it, because we’ve listed out all the things that you need for your trip so you know what to keep behind.

Extra batteries for your cameras, phones, radios, alarm clocks, and whatever battery operated gadgets you plan on carrying.

Universal chargers and cords for all your tech. Carry earphones if necessary. (How else will you be able to blast lungi dance on high volume in public?)

Camera/video camera

Passport (in a holder), reservations, travel documents.

Foreign currency, cash, travellers’ cheques, cards.

Travel wallet/card holder to keep your money and cards in safely.

A tote bag or backpack to traipse around town with, preferably with a water bottle holder.

First aid kit and medicinal supplements. (mainly for gas-relief, motion sickness, antihistamines for allergies, soframycin, bandaids, relieving pain, thermometers, etc)

Hand sanitizer

Facial cleanser

Sun lotion


Lip balm

Shampoo and conditioner. Hair oil, if necessary.



Personal hygiene items such as razors, sanitary napkins, wipes, shaving kit, cotton buds, floss, tweezers etc.

Eyewear and eye care products.

Insect repellant

Snacks. (granola bars, chips, biscuits, farsan, chakli, etc.)

Travel guide (with language help and emergency numbers) and map.

A picture of your luggage in case of lost contents.

Travel pillow and eye mask (if necessary)

Sealable plastic bags. Trust us. They’ll come in handy everywhere.

Sunglasses (if necessary)

An extra pair of walking/casual/night-out shoes.

This is our list of travel essentials, apart from clothes and all the other obvious items, that you need for any vacation trip. Whether it’s the hill-stations of Shimla, or the heat of Marrakesh, these items are necessary everywhere. The ones that are optional are marked “If necessary”, so those are completely up to you to take along. So don’t fret about whether you’ve packed everything you need next time, but use our handy travel checklist to well, check stuff and see that you have everything. This time tell mum to take a back seat (and to stop stuffing every corner of your bag with food packets.)

Bon voyage from GoGappa!

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