Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers

RakshaBandhan is an Indian festival which celebrates the unique bond between a brother and a sister. The sister ties a “RAKHI” on her brother’s wrist and the brother vows to protect her for life.

As a custom, after the RAKHI is tied, the brother presents his sister with gifts. But nowadays, a reverse trend of sisters presenting gifts to their brothers is also being seen in many places.

It might not always be possible to be together on RakshaBandhan. But in today’s world, distance is never a problem. There are huge selections of online rakhi gifts available, which you can send to your brother wherever he is. You can browse through umpteen number of rachis online and find the perfect RAKHI for your perfect brother.

Selecting Rakhi gifts for brothers can get confusing at times, but you can narrow them down, based on your brother’s interests and tastes.

Best Rakhi Gifts for Brother:

Below are some RakshaBandhan gifts for your brother which shows how much you care for him and yet won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

pure bliss rakhi chocolate executive_leather_tie_case_flip_open_brown
  • Apparel : If your brother is the fashionable type, a classy formal shirt or a catchy T-shirt would definitely be a good choice for this occasion.
  • Watches: For the brother who is always late, this is the perfect gift to get him to keep track of his time.
  • Idols: Small idols like that of Buddha and Ganesh are also perfect. He can keep it at his desk or even in his car.

Rakhi special Majestic Ganesh Idol

  • Perfumes: Get him a fragrant perfume. He will never thank you enough!
  • Gadgets: If your brother is tech savvy, look for nothing else! Gift him an iPod or some nice DVDs and make his day!

Another option is to have a perfect Rakhi gift hamper where you can handpick items and create the perfect gift hamper for your brother. A small hand written card with it will give it a personal touch. This rakhi, make your brother feel special with a variety of gifts and the best rakhis.


How Corporate Gifts can help your Business

Business is never a simple transaction between the company and its clients. Today, businesses are looking to expand their inter-personal relationships, and improve productivity in all ways possible. And what better way to impress or mollify someone than by the means of impressive corporate gifts? And to all the employees out there : no matter how tough you are or how often you declare that you don’t care about anything but your career, a kind gesture from your company in the form of a nice little gift wrapped in a ribbon can woo your socks off.


corporate gifts



So how exactly does a corporate gift benefit the brand? We take a brief look:

1)      Research:

We know you’ll believe anyone in a white lab coat who gives you a random bunch of statistics when it comes to research, but it’s always been said and reiterated that corporate gifts are one of the most effective and universally favourite ways to invest in brand-building. In 2012, according to an American Express study, the corporate gifting trend had risen by 8% since the past year, which just goes to show how well-received corporate gifting programs are. See? We may not be in white lab coats, but we do have good statistics.

2)      Affordability:

Promotional gifts are easily one of the most affordable ways in which a brand could be marketed. How often have you seen a backpack or a T-shirt with a company logo on it? We’ll bet – it’s pretty often. The recipients serve as walking (and if sufficiently pleased by the gift, talking) advertisements for the company, and moreover, they get utility from it! Promotional gifting is brand marketing at its smartest.

corporate gifts chocolates

3)      A visual relic of the company:

At events such a tradeshows, corporate gifts are a great way to attract and keep people at your stall. With your company logo and name on the item, it becomes a visual reminder of your company, which means brand reinforcement. Now that the customers or the recipients of your gifts have made a connection with you through your gifts, they’ll want to reach out further to your business.

Also, some products that are used as corporate gifts such as pens, bags, key-chains, notebooks, etc, are daily use items, which mean that they will keep reminding the user of your brand.

4)      Brand image building:

No, we’re not simply taking random words from the dictionary and adding them in front of ‘brand’. Brand image means the perceived personality of your brand. Through corporate gifts, you can establish yourself as a brand that cares about its clients, employees, and associates. This definitely helps in attracting new customers and improving business relations. Also, if items that are not publicly released are given out as previews to current clients, this could be very helpful in networking your new product and making your clients feel that they’re unique because they’re being treated to your product before anyone else.

corporate gifts
You KNOW from her smile – that woman’s going to steal all the gifts.


5)      Happiness level – up:

Honestly, who doesn’t like getting freebies? They especially work wonders internally by building up company morale. They make your employees, your partners, and your clients feel that they’re being rewarded for associating with you. Employee productivity increases by a good deal, and they’ll feel glad that they’re working for a company that is considerate towards them. Even with share-holders, corporate gifts make them feel rewarded and interested in maintaining their business with you. When the happiness level goes up in a company, business goes up-er. That’s not a word. Sorry.


So, get your company enlisted in a good corporate gifting program today. It works wonders both internally and externally, and ensures that everyone remains content. If you’re confused about what you should gift, or if you’re looking for a premium corporate gifting program to enroll in, check out the Gogappa corporate store. Don’t be a boring business, be a corpo-great. (Again, sorry.)

corporate gift from gogappa



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Declutter your Wallet: 10 ways to organize stuff

Have you ever opened your wallet and candy, bottle caps, deo cans, and entire cats have fallen out? Well, maybe not. But we can’t deny that a lot of us walk around with bulging wallets filled to the brim with stuff we don’t really need. So why should you declutter your wallet? Not only do cluttered wallets lead to annoying situations like not being able to find something you need immediately, but also pretty serious things like miscalculated loss in case of theft and identity theft issues.

When you have too many items in your wallet, you tend to lose track of what’s actually in there. A lot of important documents and cards that could have your address and your bank details might be in that wallet and you’d never know. Identity theft is a serious and ubiquitous problem today, and is estimated to cost an Indian an average of Rs 7500 each time it happens. On a lighter note, think about how weird that bulging wallet looks in your pocket.


declutter your wallet



We’ve compiled a list of things to do in order to de-clutter your wallet and make sure that the next time you want something, it’s right where it should be. Also, in case of theft, you won’t be as forlorn as you would be otherwise. So let’s put that wallet on a diet, shall we?

1)      Clean out your wallet weekly.  Do it on a Saturday or Sunday, so you can’t even excuse yourself by saying that you haven’t got the time. Set reminders or make memos that you have to do some spring cleaning for your wallet before you go to bed that day, and this way you’ll start the week off with a nice, fresh wallet.

2)      Preferably, get a travel wallet in place of your regular one, or make sure that your current one is roomy enough. You need a wallet that has dedicated slots for cash, cards, spare change, and a couple of other little pockets for odds and ends.


leather travel wallet


3)      Now, for what’s inside. Golden rule of ideal wallet care – don’t carry too much cash. Only take what you need, and always keep your spare “emergency” cash in your bag or on your person. It can be easily stolen if it’s all in one place, and no one wants to end up stranded alone somewhere without any cash.

4)      You don’t need that many cards, either. Keep just two of your main cards in your wallet, and one as a spare in your bag or on your person. Leave the rest at home, along with all the extra identification cards that don’t really need to be there. Take photocopies of the backs and fronts of all your cards as safety precautions.

5)      The wallet is a no keys and phone area. Put your keys and your phone in concealed, sealable places or pockets which can’t be easily accessed by others. A lot of important information could be stolen, and you could have well compromised the safety of your home.

6)      Receipts and bills – oh, the habituated practice of cramming receipts into your wallet. Check your wallet; there’s probably an old McDonalds bill in some corner right now. No matter how much we encourage the love story of our wallet and our receipts, we need to realize that they are the no. 1 cause of cluttered wallets. If your wallet has old or unnecessary receipts for things you can’t return, get rid of them, stat.


declutter your wallet receipts


7)      On a similar note, avoid carrying vouchers, coupons, and gift cards too. These are just like money, so they can be encashed by a thief anywhere. If you’re planning on going somewhere where you can actually use that voucher or coupon, only then take it with you.

8)      Also throw out all the old business cards, and your used bus, train, and other random tickets. These go into our wallets sub-consciously, but create quite a mess. Enter the data from the business cards into your phone or onto a memo pad, and discard all the rest.

9)      Things of great value such as jewellery and your usb device should never be kept in your wallet. Not only do they create unseemly bulges in odd corners, but can also easily fall out or be stolen.

10)   Spare change is always good to keep at hand; especially when that sly rickshaw-wala innocently proclaims that he doesn’t have any. Keep a few coins in a dedicated coin slot in your wallet, which should be zipped, to save you from crawling around on your knees on the road trying to see where your coin went. Better yet, keep a coin pouch around your neck or in your bag that you can easily use to retrieve coins.


neat wallet



Follow these tips every week, and you can be sure that you’ll be better protected against theft and costly accidents. Also, your wallet will be nice and slim, so it can easily slide into your pocket without looking like a gluttonous consumer of your valuables. Declutter your wallet, and embrace your organized side!


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Gift Wrapping – 10 Quirky DIY Ideas

It’s gifting time – a birthday, house-warming, a wedding; you’ve gone to the store, picked out a typical gift, asked for the sales person to gift wrap it in shiny red paper (because when you do it, people laugh), and trudged home with your glistening gift nestled in your bag. But, what if you could be a little more creative the next time you gift someone and up the perceived value of your present at the same time? Everyone loves a pretty gift!

We’ve put together a list of cool, completely do-able gift wrapping ideas that will spice up even the most ordinary gift. Unwrapping and unboxing are some of the little pleasures in life that we often overlook. When you’ve got that part right, half your work is done. But beware of poor gifting choices (think: 10 gifts to not gift your wife and the like), or you’ll find yourself facing a grouchy and potentially violent spouse saying “Hey, at least the presentation was good, right?”

Here are 10 great do-it-yourself ideas for wrapping a gift that’ll make someone’s day.

1)      Au natural:


natural accents gift wrapping


Use accents inspired by nature on plain shades of wrapping paper to make them come alive. Tuck a piece of coral, or a twig, or even a pretty leaf under the twine or rope that you bind your present with. From homespun to exotic, in a matter of seconds.

2)      Cut it out:

gift wrapping with cards



More likely than not, you’ll have some old greeting cards at home that you wouldn’t mind cutting up. Use your carving skills and cut out cute characters, scenes, quotes, and figures from the card and stick them onto your gift for a personal touch.

3)      Fab fabric:

Whale, this is one sea-riously good way to do it. While fishing for gift wrapping ideas, we came across this fabric wrapping technique that requires only a little amount of craftsman-ship. Water you still doing here? Click on the image to know how it’s done! And sorry for all the marine puns. Reel-y.

whale print whale gift wrapping



4)      Treats :

cookie bag


Slip a little something in a tiny plastic bag, or decorated matchbox; something that everyone loves – cookies! Attach it to the bag with a gift tag and a ribbon or rope, and try not to be tempted to eat it yourself. If your recipient doesn’t like cookies (the horror!), you could put in a toffee, a biscuit, or a spicy snack like a chakli.

5)      Paper revamp:

gift wrapping alternatives

If you’re bored of the using the same plain papers, or the shiny glittery ones, use this simple tip – put old newspapers, magazines, posters, maps, or comics to work. Use these as quirky gift wrappers – they’re easy to find because they’re something you already have at home, and great fun to look at. Try an old Tinkle.

6)      Tape it up:

washi tape gifts


Washi tape – what can you not do with it? This incredibly handy piece of stationery can be used by itself to liven up any box or paper, and is easily found at stationery or crafts shops. It’s not overly expensive either. However, if you can’t get hold of washi tape, you could always use coloured paper strips held in place by satin or velvet ribbons on any plain old gift box.

7)      For the kids:

….and the adults! Though this looks childish, it would make any adult guffaw in glee. The image in itself is a series of instructions, so the next time you have any miniature gift to give someone, you know which vegetable you want to put it in.



carrot gift box


8)      Mousey:

This one’s for the greeting card that you can stick on or accompany with the gift. Take some chart paper, preferably grey or white (but you can totally have a fluorescent green mouse if you want) and cut it into one nice circle about 4 inches, or how big you want your mouse’s body to be. Punch a hole into one corner of it. Then carve out a heart shaped paper piece from the same chart paper (slightly smaller than the body) and fold it in half lengthwise. Twist the two heart bumps towards yourself, and stick on buttons for eyes, or just draw them on with a marker. Finally, cut out a little triangle (or frilly triangle) from pink paper and stick it where the nose should go. End by looping a piece of rope through the punched hole on the body for the tail, and your mouse is ready to stick to whatever you want it to!

mouse gift card


9)      A wow bow:

Instead of attaching a bow on top, try a fresh flower that complements the box/paper colour, or a sea shell. You could also use bow macaroni to make it look cool. Tres bien!

flower bow


10)   Gogappa style:

This may not exactly be a DIY in the traditional sense, but it’s a guaranteed winner. Simply go ahead and order a beautiful gift from Gogappa, which will come to you beautifully packaged and wrapped. You may also get a keepsake wooden box which is quite fun to open. Elegant packaging is what we’re pros at, and if you order a gift via Gogappa, you’re in the right hands.

gogappa gift wrapping


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Ganesha- Significance of the adorable elephant god

We all know and love him as a modak-eating, mouse-riding, plump pot-bellied deity with an elephant’s head atop a human body. But have we ever wondered about the significance of one of the most revered and worshipped gods in the Hindu religion? Every Ganesha Chaturthi, we sing his praise and call him “sukh karta, dukh harta” (provider of joys, he who banishes sorrow) and overload on modaks using him as an excuse. Enter the home of someone who follows the Hindu religion, and you are bound to see at least one (if not many) images of this popular divine being. His devotees claim to be enchanted by his gentle gaze and lovable image, and it is hard not to conjure up an image of him when we think of Hindu rituals and poojas.




Ganesha is popularly known to stand for wisdom and knowledge. Through the physical image that has been depicted of the god throughout the years, a few symbolisms have been inferred and are associated with the god, and are projected as desirable traits so that we too, in our daily lives, try to emulate these characteristics.

His head and trunk represent the “Om” symbol, the aural symbol of cosmic reality. If you look closely, you’ll see that one of his tusks is missing or in some idols, partially absent (ekdanta). This is to signify that good will prevail, while the bad will be severed. This is only one inference out of many; the Hindu culture is full of varied legends and stories about how events occurred. His broad forehead signifies that he is wise and invites us to think in broader terms. The abhaya mudra he holds on one hand is symbolic of fearlessness and protection, while in two others, he holds an axe to show the severing of material attachments and a “pasha” or noose symbolizes the power to capture and overcome obstacles. He usually is depicted as having more than two hands, in order to show his divinity. In his lower left hand, he holds a modak, and this is meant as a reward for “sadhana” or dedicated meditation by his devotees. (To be honest, we would be more than happy to meditate only if it resulted in modak rewards.)




Another attribute you notice immediately is Ganesha’s big belly. We normally associate it with the modaks and the warnings of our mothers when we eat too many, but the rotund tummy actually points to the necessity of consuming everything that comes our way in life – the good, the bad, and all that lies in between. Lying at his feet is the “Mushak , his mouse vehicle, commonly seen as paying obeisance to him. Mice are normally considered pests, and the placement of the Mushak at Ganesha’s feet signifies his role as Vigneshwara or Remover of obstacles since Ganesha has mastered the mouse.

These are just a few of the manifold interpretations the Ganesh murti or idol that are spread throughout the religion’s history. Different scholars infer dfferent meanings, and it is believed that the unseen entity known as Ganpati, or Ganesha, was molded into his current form through the use of symbolic images.

The modern Ganpati is cool. Honestly. The forms of Ganesha have been evolving throughout the years, and today we get to see cute, artistic, unconventional versions of the lovable god. If you’re not someone who sticks to conservative ideals, maybe a contemporary Ganpati statue will please you. After all, a god who eats sweets all day, rides a mouse, and is shown doing wacky stuff in his idol depictions? Yes, please!

zulu ganpati




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Jewellery Care: 5 tips to care for your bling while travelling

It’s the summer vacations (yay!) and we hope you’re all geared up to go places for a relaxing holiday, free from incessant traffic jams, never-ending work hours, and screaming children. And of course, you’ll want to take your best friends with you – jewellery. No matter what kind of jewellery you opt to take with you, whether it’s your mum’s diamond earrings, charm bracelets, or those rings you never take off, it needs to be taken good care of and protected.  Jewellery is precious, and does hold a lot of emotional value too, so we’ve brought to you this concise little list of things to remember when you take your jewellery on a trip with you.


jewelry on woman


1) Start out on the way out :

Instead of packing all of your jewellery into your suitcase with shining greed in your eyes, sit back and think about which pieces you don’t really need. Maybe it’s not the best idea to take your most expensive diamond set with you (but those silver earrings that go with every outfit seem like a great choice.) Choose only jewellery that you’ll actually wear while travelling and which doesn’t have high financial or sentimental value, just as a safeguard in case of loss.

2) Intoxicate your ornaments:


alcohol wipes for jewellery care


When your jewellery needs to be polished or cleaned, use alcohol wipes (found at pharmacies) to clean them. These wipes can be stored in your handbag or purse, and a gentle wiping motion will effectively get rid of any dirt or oils that get onto your jewellery. A handy trick to boost your jewellery care regimen, this is something you can do on the go.

3) Box ‘em: jewellery care with ring case Stuffing your jewellery into plastic ziplock bags or pouches isn’t the smartest way to go about it. It brings forth the risk of scratches, breakage, and every jewellery owner’s nightmare – necklace tangles. Use individual soft pouches for you jewellery and label them instead; but if they take up too much space, you could always opt for the best way to do it – jewellery boxes. Select a travel case with soft inner lining that has special compartments for different types of jewellery and which can fit easily into your handbag. Now you can pick out whatever you want to wear instead of plunging your hand into a jungle of necklaces and finding a piece of last-night’s leftover pizza.

4) Wear jewellery that suits where you go:

If you’re planning on hitting some beaches, then you should probably just leave your jewellery at home or at the hotel. Getting water on metals may tarnish them, and sand may also leave irreparable scratches. Also, if you accidentally end up getting sploshes of sunscreen on your jewellery, it may begin to look lifeless. Don’t wear jewellery that gets easily scratched when you’re going on a desert safari either. Sand can be quite cruel.


jewellery care for women
5) Loss prevention:

Your jewellery is almost always at risk of theft or misplacement. When you’re at the airport, make sure that you keep your jewellery in your handbag or carry-on, where it’s under your vigilance all the time. At the hotel, use the safe or a locker-friendly jewellery box with safety locks. Account for each and every piece you carry with you, and take pictures of them to be extra safe. Hey, prevention is better than cure, right?

Now that you have these cool tips to make your jewellery a seasoned traveler just like you, we hope you’ll be more careful around your trinkets. Be as attentive in jewellery care as you are in jewellery wear! After all, who’s going to make Neelu aunty in Dubai envious of that necklace you just bought? Bon voyage, from Gogappa!

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6 Chocolate Creations that will Amaze you

Now that we have your attention, we’d like to explore this delectable topic further. Chocolate has been drunk since 1900 BC, and has evolved into many forms and figures, and mixed with a number of other foods to make new and innovative concoctions that might just be the next world favourite. Let’s not forget the rather unpleasant combinations however, which include onions, pickles, seaweed, squid, and insects. Not so tempting now, eh?
Chocolate has been moulded into different forms and this molding has become an art, just like butter or sand sculptures. We’re fascinated with all the things that can be done with this godly treat that has the whole world kneeling, and we’d like to bring to you some of the quirkiest chocolate creations around.


1) Chocolate Dress


chocolate creations dress


This dress, made by the German bakery Lambertz and modeled by German model Alena Gerber, is made entirely of chocolate. This was a part of the chocolate dress presentation during the company’s annual event in Munich, Germany in 2011. Not only are we extremely envious of Alena, we’d also like to demand an explanation as to why she didn’t eat it immediately. Outrageous.


2) Chocolate mailbox


chocolate mailbox


Godiva, the heavenly Belgian chocolate makers, made this mailbox completely out of chocolate as a 2011 Valentine’s Day stint in New York City. People were actually able to put in love letters, which Godiva posted on their behalf. Now, only if we could do something like that here, without people spray painting “Raju loves Neelam” signs over it.


3) Chocolate Ferrari


chocolate creations - ferrari


This one’s a winner. Not only is it made entirely of Belgian chocolate, it’s also modeled after a Ferrari, AND painted on top of to make it look cooler. Which it totally does.
Weighing in at 1999 pounds, this was made by the Pasticceri Italiani club in Sorento, Italy. This is one car we wouldn’t mind crashing.


4) Chocolate Shoes


chocolate creations shoes

chocolate nikes
Take your pick – sporty or chic? The heels were made by Phil Neal of the West London chocolate shop Theobroma Cacao, and are handcrafted from Venezuelan chocolate. The Nikes on the other hand, were made by +41 for Nik
e Air Force 1’s 25th anniversary with milk and white chocolate.


5) Chocolate Sofa


chocolate sofa




Food artist Prudence Staite was commissioned by Mars to make this sofa for its Galaxy brand in 2009. They also had actress Emilia Fox to pose on this sofa with a book for their reading initiative, “Irresistible Reads” at Victoria Embankment Gardens, London. Prudence is a rather ironic name for someone who works with chocolate, isn’t it?


6) Chocolate Room


chocolate room



In a shopping mall in Vilnius, Lithuania on Valentine’s Day 2011, the mall-goers were presenting this marvelous creation – a room constructed entirely out of chocolate. It used up 611 pounds and was made by seven people in a space of 17 square meters. It’s like living in chocolate! LIVING IN CHOCOLATE.

Well, maybe you can’t eat these creations, but you definitely can settle in with a box of chocolate treats and try arranging them on top of each other to make a tower or something to feel better about your artistic abilities. Or you could just eat them up all at once and sit back with gooey hands, reveling in your sugar overload session. Happy eating from GoGappa!


gogappa chocolates




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