Simple Tips to Keep Your Watch Brand New After Years of Wearing It

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You don’t have to be an expert to ensure your watch stays in perfect working condition for a long period of time.

Watch connoisseurs take extra measures just to ensure their prized possessions are well looked after. They follow certain tips to handle and care for them the right way and keep them in perfect working condition. And so can you.

By following these easy tips, even you can ensure your watch lasts longer and is in great condition.

While You’re Wearing it

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Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure a longer life for your watches.

  1. Wear your watch regularly. Despite popular belief, wearing your watch regularly helps with keeping the gears moving. Which in turns keeps the watch working for longer.
  2. Wind your watch at regular intervals. If you can’t wear your watch as often then regularly winding your watch is the next best thing.
  3. Avoid magnets. Magnets have a negative effect on your watch’s timekeeping, so keep your watches away from all magnets.
  4. Never wear a leather watch too tight. This causes the belt to crease early on, and can eventually result in a bit of tearing in the long run.
  5. Keep your watch away from extended heat exposure. Sunlight can alter the look of your watches like fade the colour off a leather belt, or change the black dial of your vintage watch to a light brown shade. Minimum heat exposure is always fine, but heat exposure tends to shorten your watch’s battery life.
  6. Avoid contact with perfume or any cream. Never spray perfume or apply cream directly on, or around the watch band, especially if it’s leather. The moisture weakens the leather and is bound to crack and break.
  7. Avoid contact with water. Always take your watch off before entering any water body, especially if it’s not a waterproof watch.
  8. Protect the crystal. It is easy to damage the crystal by accidentally banging into any object resulting into scratches or cracks.
  9. Never get moisture on your leather watch. Leather doesn’t do well around moisture, so it is always good to allow your watch to dry off before you put them back in the storage.

How To Correctly Store Them

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Your watches are strong and durable, but they can easily get damaged if you don’t store them correctly. By investing in a good watch box, you’re keeping your watch safe and secure.

  1. It prevents scratches on your watch. You should never place a watch on its side or the crystal because that will result in your watch getting scratched. Watch boxes have a soft velvet interior that allows you to store and keep your watches secure.
  2. Keeps leather watches dry. Moisture and leather do not go hand in hand, it is always advised to store them in a dry atmosphere and a watch box provides just that.
  3. Stores multiple watches together. While many people frequently wear watches, some only collect them. Watch boxes are the perfect investment to securely store, and show off your collection.
  4. Keeps your watches safe. Usually featuring a lock or a magnetic or button closure, watch boxes ensure your watches are well protected from every element that could potentially damage it. 

How To Maintain Your Watch

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  1. Clean your watch well. There are many elements that can affect your watch; dirt being one of them. A soft cloth should do the job, and if it’s an automatic or metal watch, you can use a damp soft cloth to clean it better.
  2. Always push the crown back in. The space between the crown and the display is a lot more prone to dirt and dust particles, so always make sure you’ve pushed it back in after setting the time, or winding your watch.
  3. Never open your watch by yourself. Opening your watch up can expose the interior to dust, dirt and other elements. Let a professional handle it instead.

How do you look after your prized possessions? Let us know if you follow these or any other tips to keep your watches in the best working condition!
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