Go green with Diwali gifts

Diwali is a festival which is anticipated with baited breath. Lights, family gatherings, sweets and lots of merrymaking are what go on in a typical Indian household. Along with the fun, accompany crackers and sparklers. With the advent of technological advancements Diwali now has turned into a festival of noise. Traditionally Diwali was the celebration […]

Branding Corporate Gifts For Diwali

With Diwali approaching in leaps and bounds, gifting is at its peak .The corporate gifting industry is booming at this juncture. From gifts for employees to gifts for clients every sector demands for unique and exciting sets of gift hampers. Here branding comes into the picture. Diwali corporate gifts ask for customization. It’s a growing […]

Diwali corporate gifting – The Easy Way With Info Graphics

Corporate gifting gets crazy during diwali. With abundance of gift ideas flocking around, it’s difficult to make your pick. From confectionaries to divine idols and watch cases to gift hampers everything is desired this season. What you need is a straight jacketed layout which makes your job easy to pick the perfect gift for your […]