The Ultimate Guide to Traveling To New York

Beautiful New York

New York New York…the lyrics of this song really does embody the spirit of The Big Apple. There is always something happening in NYC and always something to do for everyone. It is a choosing your own adventure kind of deal. New York is famous for its towering skyscrapers, state of the art museums, natural and architectural masterpieces, fashion, Broadway, nightlife, food and of course…the busy New Yorkers.


                                                               LIBERTY ISLAND

statue of liberty visiting new york gogappa

The symbol of freedom and democracy in the United States beckons you to admire its beauty. Watch it from afar or go up to its crown and get an aerial view of Manhattan.


                                                        EMPIRE STATE BUILDING

empire state building visiting new york gogappa

panoramic view from empire state building visiting new york gogappa

Go up to the 86th floor observatory and enjoy a panoramic view of the city (up to 130 kms!)


                                                           BROOKLYN BRIDGE

brooklyn bridge sunrise visiting new york gogappa

You can drive it, bike it, walk it or simply admire it, but you cannot miss this iconic bridge! It gives a brilliant skyline of New York and delicious foods & beverages await you on the other end! If you want to have a cool sunrise experience, walk the Brooklyn Bridge FROM Brooklyn TO Manhattan.


                                                         ROCKEFELLER CENTER

rockefeller center visiting new york gogappa

Get on Top of the Rock to get a panoramic view of the city quite different from the Empire State. You can get the sun & stars package (watch the skyline during the day AND night) or just simply head up to watch the sunset and the lights beginning to shimmer in the city.



metropolitan museum of art visiting new york gogappa

New York has many museums the top 4 of which are the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History and Guggenheim. Depending on your taste, go to at least one of these.



broadway visiting new york gogappa

Head over to Broadway and watch at least one musical by world-class soloists, dancers and actors as they perform in its legendary theatres and other venues large and small.


                                                               CENTRAL PARK

central park visiting new york gogappa

Hours can be spent easily on this 843 acre park as you walk, jog or cycle around it. It is the best way to escape the city noise and commotion. There are a number of attractions inside central park as well; and during summers, many concerts and theatre productions play here for free.


                                                                 TIMES SQUARE

times square visiting new york gogappa

Be dazzled by the numerous hoardings, boards, lights, music and performances that take place here. Experience Times Square the way you have seen many actors experience in many movies.


                                                   GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL

grand central station visiting new york gogappa 1

Gaze at the celestial ceiling mural above and explore the ‘secret’ elevated passageways for a spectacular view of the concourse.  Tell a secret to your partner in the Whispering Gallery: stand at the end of Oyster Bar ramp and whisper into the wall; you’ll be heard way across on the other side. You can easily spend hours here.


                                                               9/11 MEMORIAL

world trade center memorial visiting new york gogappa

Take the ground zero tour with a guide who has a personal connection to the events, visit the 9/11 museum to see artifacts and maybe waltz by the famed Wall Street!



food visiting new york gogappa

The residents of New York come from as many as 200 nationalities and as a result, cuisines of various cultures can be enjoyed here. If a person had to go to a different restaurant each day for each meal (breakfast lunch and dinner) it would take him 30 years to visit all restaurants in NYC assuming no new restaurants open or old ones shut for those 30 years.



macy's store visiting new york gogappa

flea market visiting new york gogappa

New York has world renowned brands, flea markets and everything in between – all giving great choice for shoppers. Buying electronics is very cheap all over the United States.



events in new york gogappa

At any given time, you will find some or the other event happening in New York – whether free or charged. Keep an eye open for events that are happening during your time of visit…they will be worth visiting. There are many websites that give details about ongoing and upcoming New York events (The Skint is great for finding free events).New_York_Line

So, experience the city that is invaded by all extra terrestrials, super villains and fictional characters. Experience its freedom, its action and the fast way of life of its people. Experience their festive frolic and their weekend getaways. Experience New York in one way, experience New York in all ways… but experience it night & day.

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