Travel Insurance Simplified for Indian Travelers

Travel Insurance for Indian Travelers

One of THE most important parts of your travel itinerary would be your travel insurance. Often neglected, overlooked and underestimated, travel insurance is the one thing any & every kind of traveler should have and here’s why!

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Tickets? Check.

Reservations? Check.

Packed suitcase? Check.

Passport & Visa? Check.

Travel insurance? BZZZT!

That’s the sound of a wrong buzzer!!! Not carrying a travel insurance can potentially be one of the gravest mistakes you make while traveling. While you are miles away from home, your travel insurance will benefit you in many ways and can really help you come out of a tough time and difficulty.

Nothing will happen to you? Think again!

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Obviously, we are conditioned to thinking ‘nothing will happen to me’. But do you really believe that? Precaution is better than cure and it beats having a gaping hole in your pocket with big bills slapped on you, or worse, being left stranded in an unknown place.

Buying your insurance

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The key to buying an international travel insurance policy is first, knowing your requirements and second, knowing the fine print and what all is excluded from your policy. You can ask your insurance agent to add certain clauses by paying a premium and to explain each clause and its limitations to you (he is legally obliged to make things simple for you!).

Your insurance premium, will, by and large depend on the destination & duration of your stay as well as your age.

Hmmm… but which travel insurance to choose?

Types of Policies

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There are a number of plans that are available by Indian insurance companies such as domestic travel insurance, international travel insurance, corporate travel insurance, student travel insurance, senior citizens’ travel insurance (usually between 61-85), family travel insurance and individual travel insurance.

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Further, there are insurances for emergency medical treatment, emergency evacuation with or without airlift, loss/delay of baggage, loss of driving license, loss of passport, loss of electronics, trip delay/cancellation, personal accident, cash assistance in case of financial emergency and daily cash in case of hospitalization, medical treatment, medical evacuation, repatriation of the deceased, relief benefit in case of hijack, etc.

There are also door-to-door covers (from the time you leave your home until you’re back), multi-trip plans of different durations for frequent travelers, adventure and extreme sports insurance, or any check-ups and hospitalizations as a result of an already existing condition.

Now, how to get travel insurance?


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  1. First thing that you need to do is find the policy that fits your requirements perfectly.
  2. Next, talk to your travel agent regarding buying travel insurance or go online and look for one yourself. Tip: There are a lot of great websites that allow you to compare different policy quotations from various insurance companies.
  3. Now, check which insurance provider can give you the best coverage at the least price and whether they have 24 hour assistance.
  4. Lastly, make payment and confirm the date from which it begins to take effect.

Submit all necessary documents for claim

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Also, insurance companies WILL delay making a payment to you. After all, a multi-billion dollar industry is not in the business of making payouts to every Tom, Dick and Harry that buys a policy from them. So a fair point here would be to know all the exclusions and inclusions and keeping all your receipts, bills and notices carefully (that way they have lesser chances to reject your claim).

Better safe than sorry!

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It is important to note that although the chances of you claiming your foreign travel insurance is probably small, chances that you will repent not having one in the occurrence of unforeseen and unfortunate events are high. Like the saying goes, better be safe than sorry!

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