Jewellery Care: 5 tips to care for your bling while travelling

It’s the summer vacations (yay!) and we hope you’re all geared up to go places for a relaxing holiday, free from incessant traffic jams, never-ending work hours, and screaming children. And of course, you’ll want to take your best friends with you – jewellery. No matter what kind of jewellery you opt to take with you, whether it’s your mum’s diamond earrings, charm bracelets, or those rings you never take off, it needs to be taken good care of and protected.  Jewellery is precious, and does hold a lot of emotional value too, so we’ve brought to you this concise little list of things to remember when you take your jewellery on a trip with you.


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1) Start out on the way out :

Instead of packing all of your jewellery into your suitcase with shining greed in your eyes, sit back and think about which pieces you don’t really need. Maybe it’s not the best idea to take your most expensive diamond set with you (but those silver earrings that go with every outfit seem like a great choice.) Choose only jewellery that you’ll actually wear while travelling and which doesn’t have high financial or sentimental value, just as a safeguard in case of loss.

2) Intoxicate your ornaments:


alcohol wipes for jewellery care


When your jewellery needs to be polished or cleaned, use alcohol wipes (found at pharmacies) to clean them. These wipes can be stored in your handbag or purse, and a gentle wiping motion will effectively get rid of any dirt or oils that get onto your jewellery. A handy trick to boost your jewellery care regimen, this is something you can do on the go.

3) Box ‘em: jewellery care with ring case Stuffing your jewellery into plastic ziplock bags or pouches isn’t the smartest way to go about it. It brings forth the risk of scratches, breakage, and every jewellery owner’s nightmare – necklace tangles. Use individual soft pouches for you jewellery and label them instead; but if they take up too much space, you could always opt for the best way to do it – jewellery boxes. Select a travel case with soft inner lining that has special compartments for different types of jewellery and which can fit easily into your handbag. Now you can pick out whatever you want to wear instead of plunging your hand into a jungle of necklaces and finding a piece of last-night’s leftover pizza.

4) Wear jewellery that suits where you go:

If you’re planning on hitting some beaches, then you should probably just leave your jewellery at home or at the hotel. Getting water on metals may tarnish them, and sand may also leave irreparable scratches. Also, if you accidentally end up getting sploshes of sunscreen on your jewellery, it may begin to look lifeless. Don’t wear jewellery that gets easily scratched when you’re going on a desert safari either. Sand can be quite cruel.


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5) Loss prevention:

Your jewellery is almost always at risk of theft or misplacement. When you’re at the airport, make sure that you keep your jewellery in your handbag or carry-on, where it’s under your vigilance all the time. At the hotel, use the safe or a locker-friendly jewellery box with safety locks. Account for each and every piece you carry with you, and take pictures of them to be extra safe. Hey, prevention is better than cure, right?

Now that you have these cool tips to make your jewellery a seasoned traveler just like you, we hope you’ll be more careful around your trinkets. Be as attentive in jewellery care as you are in jewellery wear! After all, who’s going to make Neelu aunty in Dubai envious of that necklace you just bought? Bon voyage, from Gogappa!

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