Travel Tips for the Passionate Business Man

Travel tips for a business man

As a boy turns into a man, an employee into an employer and a pleasure traveller into a business traveller, he learns about ways to crack business deals rather than ways to crack jokes… and he helplessly finds himself in a love affair with his suits, shoes, ties and his suitcase.

As glamorous as it may seem – seeing new countries, meeting new people, living in 5 star hotels and eating off the room service, frequent business travellers would beg to differ; living practically off a suitcase.

A person becomes smarter with experience. But he can also become smart learning from other’s experiences. If you are starting off your role as a business traveller, you should look at some tips on how to do so best.

Opt for a Frequent Flying Program

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One of the best things to do is to become a frequent flyer in an airline. Usually, all airlines have alliances with some other airlines so you can accumulate your miles while travelling with those airlines, too. Besides, there are plenty of benefits you will get like priority check-in and baggage claim, waiving of certain fees, early seat reservations, unlimited access at the airport lounge, etc. And of course, there will be times when you will travel absolutely free across the world!


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Invest in good, sturdy luggage that will last you a long time. Try taking a carry-on only, whenever possible. It will save you a lot of time and hassles. Keep a separate bag within the carry-on with all the items that will keep you company in the flight like books, ear plugs, tablet, sleep mask, light snacks, etc (your bag will be snugly kept overhead).

How To Pack you Suits, Shirts and Ties

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While travelling by flight, avoid wearing belts and closed-in shoes that you will have to remove at the security check… pack them in your suitcase. If you want minimum wrinkling, your best bet is to be realistic and not stuff your bag up (of course, you will need some space to put the cool things you just bought from another country).

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Keep your delicate (prone to wrinkling) clothes in the centre of the suitcase. These include your dresses, suits and shirts. Pack your shoes and any other heavy item at the base of your suitcase so that it doesn’t fall on other items, wrinkling them. See more on how to pack wrinkle-free here. Not many people consider this, but having a tie case is an excellent space saver especially since it holds the item that defines you- your tie. A tie case keeps your ties wrinkle free and can also hold accessories like cuff links and tie pins.

What Else to Pack?

In terms of personal care products, carry only those that you think your hotel won’t provide. Make sure you have weather friendly clothes like windcheaters, vests, gloves, sunglasses, etc. Other things you should carry are your business cards, some breath mints, your laptop, a pad, a pen, a small first-aid kit, a pre-made name badge, business and travel files and documents, ID proof, basic make-up, undergarments and pajamas.

Take Appropriate Electrical Appliances

It’s best if you have a universal travel adaptor or a universal extension board that can charge many appliances at one go. If you are unable to find one, make sure you have one appropriate adaptor for the country you’re visiting. In bad situations, carry just a USB chord that can charge your phone. It can come to good use at any time. It may also be a good idea to carry an e-reader such as the Amazon Kindle; it saves up a lot of space.

Hoping you have a safe journey, and crack the deal!

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