Types of Belt Buckles | Cool Buckles You Didn’t Know Existed

Belts were initially created for men in the military and other occupations to keep their pants up, and while frame belt buckles were the norm back then belt buckles since then, have evolved.

The oxford definition of a belt buckle goes like this; a flat, typically rectangular frame with a hinged pin is used for joining the ends of a belt or strap.

With various types of belt buckles available, ranging from box frame to snap belt buckles, each of these give your belt a unique look. Take a look at this list we made of the different types of belt buckles before you make your purchase, since it is necessary to understand the type of belt you’re getting.

Types of Belt Buckles

  1. Frame Style
  2. Box Frame
  3. Plate Style
  4. O Ring/ D Ring
  5. Snap Buckle
  6. Stitch Closure
  7. Box Out
  8. Reversible
  9. Webbing

1. Frame Style Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Giorgio Armani

Frame style buckles happen to be the oldest design. This conventional frame buckle has a simple square frame with a prong attached to one end of the frame. Certain frames have a more curved edge if they’re on a thick material belt, like leather. These basic belts can most commonly be worn over casual, or formal outfits.

2. Box Frame Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Gucci

Box frame buckles are a military friction buckle in 20th century style, and are most commonly found on a web belt. The prong on this belt is an adjustable captive post that completely surrounds the webbing. Some of these web belts might also have a metal tip for easy use. Box frame belts go perfectly well with a casual outfit due to their web material. 

3. Plate Style Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: War Relics

This buckle style was a favourite on the western military belt in the 19th century, and they featured a three hook clasp. Two of which fit into one end of the belt, while one of them in the other. Plate style belts aren’t as popular as they earlier were, but you can still find variations of it going perfectly well with a casual outfit.

4. O Ring/ D Ring Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Ralph Lauren

D or O rings are metal or plastic belts that are shaped like a capital D or O. These trendy buckles don’t have a prong, and can be tightened or loosened by adjusting your belt strap like you normally would. O and D rings are a more casual style rather than formal, and can be worn over a semi casual outfit too.

5. Snap Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Emporio Armani

The snap buckle has one end attached to the buckle, while the other is held by a catch in a secure but adjustable manner. Snap buckles are not as popular compared to their other counterparts, and are a casual style as well. Though they’re not as commonly found.

6. Stitch Closure Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Looksgud

Stitch closure buckles come in woven style, and you can easily adjust the texture of the belt with this material. Due to there being no holes for the prongs to go into, the prong is more like a clasp that holds on to the belt instead of going right through it. Depending on the colour, or the shape and style of your belt these work well as casual and formal belts.

7. Box Out Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Montblanc

Box out buckles are the buckles we find today, traditionally shaped like a box, these hollowed out buckles were initially introduced as a fashion accessory. But as times have changed, these are far more popular than the frame style belts. Some of these are fashion accessories that can make your outfit pop, while some do incredibly well for a formal, business look.

8. Reversible Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Givenchy

A reversible buckle can be twisted to accommodate whichever side the wearer wants to wear the belt at. More popularly aware in blacks and browns, these are now available in multiple other colours that usually do well in every setting. These are found accompanying a formal outfit, along with being the perfect companion for a casual outfit.

9. Webbing Belt Buckles

Image Courtesy: Hermes

The webbing buckle is the perfect kind of buckle if you’re up for a full day. These buckles contain a loop that you put the tip of your belt through and pull. They’re extremely easy to use and work perfectly well with casual outfits. Also popularly used for hiking, climbing and other sports due to how strong and durable the material is.

Let us know which of these belt buckles you have noticed on your belts, and tell us more if we’ve missed anything.